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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Another new service for Penyffordd

Its called Ty Tycar and operates on The Groves estate. Just setting up. They do Thai and Sri Lankan takeaways.

Apols if you can't see link. Not much data to copy over at present.

New Shop for the village?

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Raw Milk

If you like raw milk, I do, there's a vending machine in Broughton. It's the farm opposite the convenience store on the main road. £1.30 a litre. Bring your own containers. I think this an excellent idea.
Not sure if you see following link if you are not on Facebook.

John the Car Salesman

I bought a car off John in 2014. He lived in Penyffordd and traded cars in Cefn y Bedd. Car looked good drove well. Problem only arose after driving car 10 miles. It would start over heating. (blown cylinder head gasket) Took me at least 2 months of dealing with him to exchange car. Should have gone straight to Trading Standards, I was however very ill at the time and not thinking straight.

The exchange car I got is still running 4 yrs later lol. That had a cooling system problem as well but was easily fixable by my mechanic.

Here's John on Watchdog. He trades out of Mold at present. He's not the chap with long hair.

Both these men are now ashes RIP, God's people

Tuesday the new Friday

Not available in Penyffordd as far as I know

Too dear as well

Tuesday the new Friday. Work re organised................

Monday, November 19, 2018

Chester Rd 30mph limit moved.

This is to cater for the new Redrow estate.
I'd have preferred a roundabout to stop drivers hammering in an out the village. Drivers going out of the village are regularly overtaken because they have the temerity to obey the speed limit.

Time for compulsory 20 mph zones in Penyffordd.
I presume we have to wait till 3 pedestrians get knocked down.
Flintshire are hopeless. Wrexham BC have 100's of 20 mph zones.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Something for Colin Lolly Pop

Penyffordd History - Hope Enclosure Act

Found this looking for something else. Hope Enclosure Act was formed in 1791. I took the above from here. Most probably other stuff here. 1.2 million pages..............

Penyffordd Bonfire Night - Donald Trump Guy Fawkes.

I thought this was in very bad taste.
I expect better of the bonfire organisers.

postscript: This came across my timeline on Twitter

117,466 brave Americans died and a further 204,002 were wounded defending Europe in WWI. Then 419,400 brave Americans died and a further 671,801 were wounded defending Europe in WWII.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Speeding Penyffordd

Car written off outside The Spar the other day.
Chester Rd, Hawarden Rd and Vounog are race tracks.

How long before someone gets seriously injured or killed?
Have Penyffordd Cllrs got data to show the problem?

Its quite easy to do, FCC have the technology.
Would Penyffordd Council publish the data?

And do something about it.
Occasional police presence is not the answer.

Wrexham BC have 100's of 20mph zones. FCC next to none.

Why is that?
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