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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Back to school today?

Some will be starting school, changing schools today. Can you remember your first day in primary school or secondary school?

My first school was Sandycroft PC. It was three quarters of a mile away in Mancot. I was presented at the school on the first morning when I was 4 years of age.

After that I had to find my own way there.

Secondary school was an unwanted change of routine. Pupils wanting to be top of the class in a bullying sort of way. Then another change when we became Comprehensive joining with a grammer school. More unwanted change.

Shortly many will be on the university trail. I find some of the subjects taken to be of little use.
We need inventors, engineers, scientists, educators, designers, entrepreneurs, people who inspire, people who will employ.

Rewards for putting your house on the line to start succesful companies

Many are pressured to go to uni who shouldn't be there.

A 50k loan to repay at the end ridiculous. (edit I read of various amounts else where)

postscript: school hasn't started, perhaps next week.....................................

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