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Monday, July 07, 2014

Penymynydd Roundabout Traffic

I see the above appeared on the Penyffordd Community Council July agenda.  This is an area I try to steer well clear of at busy times such as first thing and tea time. The roundabout has two lanes entry at some junctions. The roundabout is not designed for two vehicles side by side even if some sillies try it.

Cllr David Williams wants the roundabout decorated with plants and trees. I think is should be shrunk to allow two cars to go around at the same time in safety.
 The roundabout is a outdated, a bottleneck

A further option is to knock Tom's house ( Penyffordd Headquarters) down and make the roundabout bigger and make the section of road between Penymynydd and Dobshill a dual carriage way. ( I joke)

postscript: Also an issue is the Hope turning at Hope which should be made three lanes. This affects Penyffordd residents but is not in our parish

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