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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A visit by County Cllr Cindy Hinds

To discuss my alleged 2000 speeding vehicles passed the house each day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Airbus Corporate Statement with regards environment

"In becoming the world's only aerospace company to receive such broad certification, Airbus underscores its commitment to taking environmental considerations into account for all of its decision-making. This is a testament to Airbus' commitment to the environmental concerns of today."


Airbus Corporate Environment Statement

DNV Det Norske Veritas.

The environmental concerns of Chester Rd Penyffordd appear to have been over looked. We are daily bombarded with 100's of speeding workers with illegal exhausts from the Airbus factory at Broughton.

key words. Airbus. HR, Paul Mckinley (Airbus HR),, Mark Stewart (Airbus HR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), ISO 14001.

North Wales Police to use racing bikes in covert operations

NORTH Wales Police will this week take delivery of four super-powered racing bikes for use in covert operations, the Daily Post can reveal.

At that means police officers on unmarked high performance motorbikes will start patrolling North Wales on the look out for speeding and illegal bikers.

Some idiot recommends education instead. Speeding on motorcycles and in cars went passed the education stage quite a few years ago. Points and or no vehicle is the only way people understand.

Covert operations are the only efficient method of dealing with a 300 vehicle morning rat run in Penyffordd.

Link The Daily Post

Key Words Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Inspector Alun Oldfield

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Traffic Calming Measures for Chester Rd

The Penyffordd Youth find Chester Rd a good football pitch.

Old Whitewell Farm Bed and Breakfast

Old Whitewell Farm is a small B&B guesthouse with three rooms, all on the ground floor so are accessible to disabled people. The rooms are all ensuite and have TV, tea and coffee making facilities, full central heating and a separate entrance for independence of guests.

There is ample off road parking, and we are only 5 minutes from the A55 trunk road. We are situated on Bannel Lane and are surrounded by open countryside. This is ideal for walking and cycling and there is a golf driving range across the road.

We are about 2 miles from Padeswood Golf Club; a few hundred yards from the lovely church of St John the Baptist, Penymynydd Woods and about half a mile from Buckley Station on the Wrexham/Bidston Line.

The market town of Mold is within easy access as is the historical village of Hawarden and Broughton with its large retail shopping park.

keywords: where to stay, Hawarden Golf Club, Old Padeswood Golf Club, Mold Golf Club,
Northop Country Park Golf Club,

Sunday, May 25, 2008

North Wales Police on traffic calming duty in Penyffordd

A big thank you to North Wales Police. 12.00 midday.
Outside the scout hut checking motorists coming through village from Hope.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Penyffordd Traffic Update

It's Saturday evening, speeding traffic has been flying through all day long. Penyffordd village is in the hands of the law breakers. Inspector Alun Oldfield does not want to know.
2000 speeding vehicles each day. Speeding on a route to school road.

keywords. North Wales Police, Inspector Alun Oldfield, race track, rat run, illegal exhausts,
Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, wholesale lawlessness, crime, anti social behaviour, asbo, Arrive Alive, Penyffordd Primary School, governors, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Eastern Division,

Penyffordd Councillors who do not want to know.
Cllr Tom Jones, Cllr Colin Bithell
As governors of Penyffordd primary School their behaviour continues to be a disgrace.
They should consider their positions as Penyffordd councillors and school governors
2000 speeding cars daily on a route to school.

Penyffordd Weather

Penyffordd Rain Radar
Rain or snow fall, if there has been any for the last 6 hours (java download may be needed)
This is helpful. By the pace and direction you can see if its likely to rain in the next few hours

Penyffordd Weather Forecast
Wales ( Met office) 1 -2 days, 3 - 5 days, 6 - 15 days, Seasonal

Penyffordd Atmospheric Pressure

UK Infra Red Satellite Video

Wind Speed Map of UK

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dave Faulkner

It would appear that Dave is unwell.
Best wishes from Penyffordd District for your recovery Dave.

A Letter to The Evening Leader with regards Warren Hall Business Park

Re Warren Hall Business Park development as mentioned in your
lead article yesterday. Whilst the proposed Warren Hall Business Park
is good for Flintshire it is not going to be good for Penyffordd's environment.
As any commmuter knows Penyffordd By Pass is at grid lock at peak times
morning and evening.
The consultancy company that advised Flintshire
County Council with regards traffic flow around and in Penyffordd post
Warren Hall Business Park and the proposed A55 Warren Hall exit have seriously
under estimated the extra traffic that will use Penyffordd village centre.
I would hope that Flintshire County Council will look further at protecting
Penyffordd village centre from this coming traffic deluge.

regards Colin Hughes

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Flintshire walking scheme is on the road to success

Taking part in the Safer Routes to School initiative with North Wales Police to cut congestion and improve safety outside schools, are, above: parents and pupils from Bryn Coch School, Mold, leaving the car at home and enjoying a walk to school. Left: Pupils of Rector Drew in Hawarden, Charlotte Anderton and Tom Williams, monitor the use of a mobile speed camera with Hugh Jones, safer roads officer.

Read the full article here The Evening Leader
by the ever fragrant Kate Forrester

Head Butt Harry the Blue Tit

Click to Enlarge

Here's Harry the Blue Tit recovering from flying into my green house window. Two of the young family have managed to do this today. The offending door has now been left open.

Happy Birthday

I reach the grand old age of 54 years old.
Have experienced most of life's pleasures that I have wished to sample.
I am happy and content........................ except for 2000 cars
that speed passed the house daily.
I daily make more arrangements to insulate me from this mad world.
Triple glazing etc
Since energy is getting dear I am working on big insulation.
The house has solid walls.

How many more years do I fight this madness?
May be 4 or 5 years. At least passed the next local election
Half the village must dislike me, this matters little because
I have never mixed with them anyway.

How can people not like you because you try to make their village centre better.
A fair proportion of Penyffordd people are highly selfish. They live in cul de sacs
and couldn't give two stuffs for us on the main road.

Rhuthin looks quite attractive if we remain a race track.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Penyffordd Community Council 2008

Newly elected Cllr Jane Hopwood gained from the Cllr Tom Jones block vote. Perhaps I am being a little hard on her. Getting in with the block vote has responsibilities to Cllr Tom Jones.
Otherwise Jane might have sent me an email. Has promise perhaps if free from the clutches of The Godfather. Jane says she will do her best to serve the community. This of course excludes talking about 2000 speeding cars through Chester Rd Penyffordd. As Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell say "It just isn't so and we do not want to know the answer anyway"

Cllr Linda Vidamour. I think Linda is on the Cllr Tom Jones block vote. Linda is good for the village. We need more Linda's and Cindy's.

If Cllr Tom Jones won't do his job properly as head of the village he should retire.

Penyffordd Community Council 2008

Click on Image to Enlarge

Cllr Margaret Jones is in Cllr Tom Jones' (no relation) block vote. Margaret brings votes to the block from various clubs as seen above.

Cllr Tom Jones OBE is "The Godfather". Tom fixes all the elections. By fixing I mean he organises the block vote. Tom says he derives great pleasure from serving the community. Tom's pleasure doesn't extend to 2000 vehicles tearing through the village or stopping the deluge of vehicles heading our way post Warren Hall exit A55, Warren Hall Business Park or Broughton Park Extension.

Penyffordd Community Council 2008

Click to enlarge

Cllr Stan Davies has 90 mph traffic passed his house that is set back off the road. He happens to live on the trunk road with a 60 mph limit. Stan's photo reminds me of the Great Train Robbers. Stan is part of the Cllr Tom Jones block vote. Stan is married to Edwina and they have a daughter called Sally.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Penyffordd Community Council 2008

Click above to read

Cllr Edwina Davies is Lady Captain of Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club 2008. Edwina stood out on what was perhaps the wettest, coldest day of the year whilst CBM Chris Pullen tried to educate our speeding public. Part of Tom Jones' block vote?

Joe Davies (no relation) failed to get elected. Perhaps the Cllr Tom Jones block vote was moved to Cllr Jane Hopwood?

Penyffordd Community Council 2008

Click above to enlarge and read

Cllr Joe Bell has been elected Chairman of Penyffordd County Council

Cllr Joe Bell is not a well man, Cllr Tom Jones needs to get him to change the tablets. Cllr Colin Bithell refuses after 15 months to take the speeding traffic in Penyffordd seriously. He says the Penyffordd Community Council has done all it can. In spirit they have been dragged along by the scruff of the neck after a polite letter from myself about the speeding received the "Its nothing to do with us" phone call from the Clerk to the Penyffordd Community Council Nigel Jones.

Penyffordd Bowls

In Division Two, Aston A scored 204 points in beating Greenfield 9-3 with Fred Pickford 21-5 and Dave Williams 21-18 for Greenfield, while Penyffordd took the aggregate 172-167 to win 7-5 at Broughton B with Hazel Morse 21-3 and Les Glazier 21-8 for the home team.

Link The Flintshire Standard

Sunday, May 18, 2008

An email from Cllr David Williams to my wife Lisa who he savaged at Penyffordd Community Council meeting May 2008

cc Cllr Arnold Woolley Flintshire County Council Leader by Colin Hughes

cc. Cllr Jane Hopwood via The Evening Leader

The wording in blue is my response to David .... Colin Hughes

Hello Lisa,

With regards to the nine e.mails that you and Colin have sent me over the last four days I respond as follows.

The only one of any value was the one where you referred to my comments at the Community Council meeting regarding the sign at the top of the Warren.

The emails from me to which Cllr David Williams was emailed or CC'd to.

1. An email thanking David for setting up the proposed traffic survey form.

2. An email about a speeding HGV to CBM Chris Pullen cc'd

3. An email about methods of measuring our speeding traffic CC'd so that our councillors can see HOW BAD the traffic is.

4. An email about being called a liar in Penyffordd Community Council at which David was most unkind and aggressive to my wife who is a resident of Penyffordd. His staring at Lisa was most aggressive.

5. An email to David who mentioned getting a website for £400 for the village. I volunteered to do one for FREE and take 30 mins to show how to use with unlimited technical backup for FREE,

I have therefore written to Dave Faulkner again to see what can be done, and entered below the text of the letter I have sent. Had you approached me in a civilised manner and asked me to see what he could do regarding new signs in the suggested position, I would willingly have done so a lot earlier. This issue has been on going since last November (7 months) with you ignoring the issue David.

Unfortunately you bombard me and other councillors with insults and unconstructive waffle.

See above email subjects.

Before the election Colin implied that he hoped some harm would come to me so that I would not win the election, and that is why I ceased communicating with you.

I implied no such thing its what you read into it.

It would I think be fair to say if I stopped talking about 2000 cars that speed passed my house that is a major route to school you and half the Penyffordd Community Council would be very happy.

The only reason I have looked at your recent e.mails was in the hope that you may have started to see sense following comments at the Community Council meeting.

A trashing of myself and my wife because we continue to point out the major problems to our Penyffordd Councillors is a democratic right. Its 2000 speeding cars a day councillors!

I should have known better! You are obviously too arrogant and ignorant and everybody is clearly wrong other than you two. You have even seen fit to start on the new member of the Council for no real reason! I have criticised Jane Hopwood because she takes the council line just like a sheep. I thought Jane was an Independent.

Your unreliable and unfounded claims (The Penyffordd Community chairman said 2000 cars an hour last Wednesday lol) Its 2000 vehicles speeding a day David, the figure is not unreliable its near fact, in fact it may be 2200 by now) were brought to the fore again following your attempt to have me disciplined as a result of your incorrect claim that I had only attended three meetings in my first year. Again you were wrong and Mr Evans quite rightly informed you that ‘there is more to being a councillor than attending meetings’.

We were informed by a member of Flintshire County Council that a County Cllr had to attend four out of twelve meetings and that if a cllr did not attend that many, action would be taken.

The large number of residents that I have assisted during my first year as a Councillor will support that statement! We still have 2000 speeding cars that are a constant danger to Penyffordd children. One nearly got knocked down in Watts Rd recently.

I have no desire to have any ill feelings between us and will work tirelessly to help all members of our community, including you, with whatever issues they may have. Unfortunately you have opted to continually abuse and insult me, my family and other Councillors, and only on very rare occasions have made requests that I could do anything about.

2000 speeding cars a day David through the middle of our village, 15 months on.

On the few occasions you have given me something realistic to do, I have responded immediately! You obviously have nothing useful to offer this village and will undoubtedly continue to harm the attempts to improve the traffic and speeding problem that we have in all areas of the village.

I do not have to offer anything to the village when I point out we have 2000 speeding cars a day.

It is for this reason therefore, that unless I am made aware that your methods are going to change and you are starting to work with the community rather than against us, I no longer intend opening any more of your e.mails.

I would have thought that part of your function to Penyffordd residents is to answer emails where required, some emails are for your continued education such as the device for measuring speeding traffic that nearly everyone tries to think doesn't exist.

If I point out we still have 2000 cars every day speeding passed my house which is a major route to school I think myself and other villagers require that you get onto the job like Cllr Tony Sharps of Northop Hall has done. You can only do 20 mph passed Tony's house but 70 mph passed mine.

Cllr David Williams.

(I do not expect this to go on your blog because some of the comments show what you are really like!)

There you are David!

keywords, continued 2000 speeding vehicles each day, Inspector Alun Oldfield, North Wales Police, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie,

Saturday, May 17, 2008

20 mph limit for urban streets to cut road deaths

The speed limit on thousands of residential roads will be reduced to 20mph under government moves designed to cut road deaths by a third over the next decade.

Link The Times

Friday, May 16, 2008

Watts Rd accident near miss.

I understand a child nearly got knocked down the other day by a parent racing to school to pick up her child. The child had to be picked up rather smartish to avoid being knocked down.
Source. Talk in The Toddlers Group. The racing up Penymynydd Rd of parents at home time is a daily occurence.
It would appear the children need to be protected from the stupid parents.

Cllrs Colin Bithell and Tom Jones profess to have done all they can. (quote Penyffordd Community Council meeting May 2008)
Colin Bithell's election literature says he would look after the family.

I think Tom and Colin are going to have to try a little harder.

Noise Maps

UK Government to set up noise map website.
The Welsh Assembly Government are doing similar.
One is required for the Penyffordd By Pass.

Link Noise Maps

Safety fear over "racetrack" school road

Not Penyffordd but the council acting in a similar manner.

Doesn't look like they are showing the speed data here either.
The Daily Post
Garreglefn School Angelesey

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cllr Jane Hopwood of Penyffordd

To Cllr Jane Hopwood
Dear Jane
So you say " How can we tell people the truth?" your comment in council.
Re : my election literature
Why not ask me?
Colin and Tom have decided I am talking rubbish
Your start is not good.
Stand on Chester Rd any working morning 7. 30am to 9.00 am and you will see.
I have 8 FOIE's against FCC of which they are in default
I wil be pursuing these with vigour
Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell are useless
Why not have an independent mind?
Or does having an "Independent " mind mean you do what Cllr Tom Jones says.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District
for a safe Penyffordd
Fact 3000 vehicles travel through Chester Rd each day
2000 of which speed.

Is there a North South Divide in Penyffordd?

Asks Cllr Stan Davies. If you want to see speeding traffic look outside my house. They do 90 mph says Stan.
I can concur. Delivering leaflets I felt most unsafe on a path near traffic doing 70 mph.
Residents complain opposite Stan.
Are we making progress?

An email to Cllr David Williams with regards a Traffic survey

cc Jane Hopwood Evening Leader.
cc Charles Hughes (Head of Engineering)
cc Dave Faulkner Acting Director of Environment and Regeneration.
Inspector Alun Oldfield of North Wales Police does not wish to be reminded of 2000 cars speeding through Chester Road Penyffordd everyday.

Dear David,
Thank you for the traffic survey form
A very good idea.
The Penyffordd community council can get as hot under the collar as they like.
It is a fact that 2000 cars speed through Chester Rd Penyffordd every day a major route to school.

Flintshire Highways have the tool to measure all this speeding.

Cllrs Tom Jones and Cllr Colin Bithell can ignore me as much as they like I however have the moral highground.
They are not doing their jobs. Their communication with me has been non existent for 15 months.
The blood will be on their hands if a child gets run over going to Penyffordd Primary School.

I see there is going to be a walk to school initiative shortly, I wouldn't recommend it here in Penyffordd until the traffic is sorted.

regards Colin

yours for a safe Penyffordd for residents and not a rat run for outsiders.

ps. its me who does the protest stuff not Lisa

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Penyffordd Sheep

There are those who voted a certain way because of the policies of candidates or their politics and there were those who voted because they were told who to vote for.........................................

A Letter by Cllr David Williams in the Post Office window

There are two letters in the Post Office window. One by the "Independents " led by Tom Jones thanking the electors. The other is by David who has taken the opportunity to try and get even.
This I think is a bad move David. One of the rules of politics is to starve the opposition of publicity. Instead of which I now have plenty of ammunition to throw back.

By opposition I mean me opposing you as you have not taken on board the seriousness of 2000 cars speeding through our village everyday.

Someone once said "Its best to stop digging when you are in a hole"

My election leaflet was based on fact. The only bit I got wrong was that David attended 3 out of 15 not 3 out of 14 meetings at Shire Hall as stated. lol

Flintshire County Council has a new leader

Buckley Bistre East Independent councillor Arnold Woolley has become the new leader of Flintshire Council

The Evening Leader
Arnold Woolley's Website

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Letter to Penyffordd Community Council Re On going speeding traffic

Re: the on going speeding traffic Chester Rd Penyffordd
pp Penyffordd Primary School Headmistress
pp Cllr Jane Hopwood c/o The Evening Leader
pp copy delivered to the Clerk to the Council by cycle because he refuses to have an email address. (salary £160 per week)
pp. The future Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration FCC when decided.
pp. Charles Hughes (Head of Engineering), Dave Faulkner (Acting Director for Regeneration and Environment) Flintshire County Council.

Dear Penyffordd Community Council,
With the finishing of gas road works within the next 10 days our partial peace will end and the rat run and short cut that is Chester Rd will again be fully unrestricted for our 2000 speeding vehicles each day.
I wish to ask what the council is going to do about the continued high risk of injury or death to our villagers, children, pensioners and horses that use the middle of our village.

regards Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

ps. At the risk of you immediately discounting the following because I suggested it may I suggest that Hugh Jones' (Flintshire Road Safety Officer) magic box be put back up and the data compared to the data taken in May 2007.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hopefully the Final Lines of Colin Bithell's Political Obituary

The following thoughts occur one week after the election.
Colin Bithell's election sheet said he stood for Penyffordd families. That the speeding traffic was now a police matter. This of course has been Colin's position for the last 15 months. He has consistently ignored calls to deal with nearly 2000 speeding vehicles a day.

Yet he still managed to get 600 sheep to vote for him.

How can North Wales Police control speeding traffic in Penyffordd?

I hope he rots in political hell. This of course is non election hell.

It was all of his own making.

The speeding continues.................................

A Visit by North Wales Police OSD

A meeting with Sgt Alun Davies of OSD this morning to discuss the continuing speeding through our village. Arrive Alive have had an effect on traffic but the morning rat run needs extra special treatment.
A report shortly.

Links OSD

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

20 mph for Primary Schools gets nearer

In a surprise move Flintshire County Council announce that they are looking at 20 mph for primary schools such as Penyffordd. A statement from Dave Faulkner Acting Director for Environment and Regeneration for Flintshire County Council.

Link The Daily Post

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Power of Google

We are going to see a customer tomorrow who lives in the sticks (middle of no where). So Lisa put the customers postcode in Google to see where it is and up pops the price which she paid for the property last September (£235,000). Nothing appears to be secret anymore.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Election Photo

We do have kind human beings in Penyffordd. This was found whilst out delivering leaflets.

The New Political Landscape of Flintshire

In the previous local government Labour had a 2 seat advantage over all the other parties joined together so they ran the county. Cllr David Williams of Penyffordd refused to play the game ( 3 meetings out of 15 attended) so the Independents had to battle against Labour with one less vote.
Now the tide has changed.

The new line up for Flintshire is as follows:-
Independents 26
Labour 22
Liberal Democrats 11
Conservatives 9
Plaid Cymru 1
Still to be Decided 1

Hope Election shortly for 1 place at the county table due to the untimely death of a candidate

So this weekend there will be some horse trading to form a Flintshire government.

Labour will have to find an unlikely alliance if they are to form part of the new government.
The Independents and the Lib Dems or the Independents and the Conservatives? or a mixture of all?

Cllr David Williams' vote at the table is no longer that crucial with such a majority.
Is David going to take part in the democratic process or is he going to bury his head in the sand like he did for the last 14 months?

I am told that David is entitled to so many half days off to attend council meeting by law.

Constructive comments by email will be gladly added

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Block Votes beat me

No hard feelings really. I have had my "day in court" so to speak and will continue to speak out regards speeding traffic outside my house and issues in Penyffordd. I notice Joe Bell got back on. Joe Bell doesn't really know what day it is yet he beat me. 436 votes for a man who can't remember items that were discussed 30 minutes previously.
A disgrace Tom Jones!
Such is the power of the block vote and politics........................................

I would like to thank those who voted for Lisa and myself. Change IS going to happen in Penyffordd.

President Lyndon Johnson was reputed to have said it was better to have FBI Director Edgar Hoover on the inside of the tent rather than the outside. On the outside of the tent I will remain for now.

Link Quotations (rude)

North Wales Index Logo

Penyffordd Community Council Election Results

Predictions for Penyffordd Community Council elections

1. Colin Bithell
2. Cindy Hinds
3. David Williams
4. Tom Jones

Ten places available, 13 residents standing.

As for the rest including my wife Lisa and myself I wouldn't like to say. David Williams block vote will not vote for me neither will Tom Jones' block vote. I hope however that there are individuals amongst their block vote who have some grey matter between the ears and don't vote in the way they are told to. (Post script too many sheep not enough grey matter)

One thing is for certain is that Penyffordd management will be scrutinized on a monthly basis. No more of this vote every 4 years then leave it to us.

I have emailed David Williams congratulating him and hoping we are going to see at least a monthly attendance at Flintshire County Council meetings. We need representation at the county table that's what we pay his £12,500 for.

Penyffordd County Councillor Election Results

Congratulation to Cindy Hinds and David Williams
Condolences to Colin Bithell.

Community Council vote counting has just started at 11.00am Friday 2nd May

Results Flintshire County Council

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Evening Leader will be using Twitter

to keep you up with election results as they happen.
Twitter is like a mini blog (I think) than can be added to by your computer, phone , Instant Messenger, etc
You can also read it with all the above
Like a text blog for free.
Perfect for keeping up with election results whilst on the move
Click Evening Leader Twitter

Stop Press Flintshire Election Counting

It says on Flintshire County Council website that counting starts Friday 10 am. An email from Dan Owen of The Daily Post says it starts tonight 10.00 pm tonight. They have a reporter on the spot

Prediction for County Councillors for Penyffordd

I'd like to make two predictions.

1 Colin Bithell
2. Cindy Hinds
3. David Williams

2nd Prediction

1. Cindy Hinds
2. Colin Bithell
3. David Williams

I have no knowledge of David Williams campaign. The campaign by Tom Jones and Colin Bithell seems to be a telephone network thing based on all types of clubs in the village.
I think the postal vote and old people may have been used well.

David Williams' backers appear to be family, football team, Red Lion regulars and Scouts.

Cindy Hinds has worked hard knocking on doors. This is not something I like doing as their are always some loonies out their. Cindy has national politics and our "local independents" read Tom Jones working against her.

Post Script
The results.
1. Cindy Hinds
2. David Williams
3. Colin Bithell

To the Polling Booths at Penymynydd

Colin Bithell and Cindy Hinds in the door way. I let them have my polling number, I don't have to but its small talk and everyone is polite and if it helps them fine. I presume David Williams is at school. Colin Bithell has a large white rossette on the front of his jacket.

Politics is not easy. This is a very long day for Colin and Cindy. Is David going to turn up?

Its' one or two out of three for county council - two places and three standing
It's up to ten community councillors out of thirteen for ten places.

The weather is sunny but still a cool breeze.
There has been a lot of voting happening according to the lady in charge of the voting.

Penyffordd Local Elections 2008 May 1st Polling Day

The big day has arrived. Has the village of Penyffordd taken on the fact that we have to defend our village or sink into a morass of short cut traffic within the next 5 years.
I calculate Chester Road will get up to 2 million vehicles per annum.
Cllr Colin Bithell says nothing of the above. I hope to force him to make a public statement with regards developments in Broughton that will affect Chester Road, Penyffordd.

I get a good luck email from Cllr David Williams with his normal style of email.

Here is my reply


Hi David
Good luck for today
You do not perhaps fully deserve what I have handed out ( Colin Bithell and most of the CC get it too) but it is my one chance in 4 years to try and wake up this village to the massive traffic increases due.
Warren Hall A55 exit, Warren Hall Business Park. Broughton Park Extension, Saltney Shopping Centre, housing developments in Brymbo and Gwersyllt are going to bring masses of extra vehicles passed my house everyday.
Colin Bithell knows this and just stands back

With your block vote I hope we loose at least one of Tom Jones' put ups for Penyffordd Community Council.
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