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Friday, February 29, 2008

A mention by The BBC

Fame at last for may be 3 nano seconds.
My comment below article if it gets passed. - Yes its on.

BBC Power to the People Click here

Belly Dancing comes to Penyffordd

Starting at The Penyffordd British Legion on Wednesday evenings 7 - 8 pm.
Ladies only. £2 for ladies, £1 for girls
So no spectators then. :(

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paul Cowley from Penyffordd learns lesson with loan comparison websites

Rising numbers of borrowers are finding that the interest rate they are quoted when comparing loans is not the same as the one they are charged when the money is borrowed.
Paul Cowley is one driver who used a comparison website to search the market for the best deal, but ended up paying more than he expected.
Mr Cowley, 23, who lives in Penyffordd, Chester, was the proud owner of a Vauxhall Corsa, but he had been thinking about an upgrade.
Click here
Link Moneysupermarket

Meadowslea new housing started

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Letter to Colin Everett Chief Executive of Flintshire County Council

Dear Colin,
Hope you are well. A good win against Cardiff City last week. I'm just finishing off a triple glazing modification to my double glazing in the front bedroom. Its very effective and looks no different to the original double glazing. Double glazing doesn't stop 50 mph traffic noise through our 30 mph (should be 20 mph) village centre.
Todays motorist only understands 2 things. Points on license and the inability to do more than the speed limit with engineering solutions.
I watched one of your vans come through at 40 + mph. I see you still haven't got your workforce under control.
Flintshire County Council continue to be in the dark ages as far as traffic calming for villages is concerned. I say villages as our larger towns edge towards pedestrianisation.

I get the feeling that Charles Hughes' (Head of Engineering) position is traffic calming for Chester Rd over his dead body. Quite frankly that is a better option than a body of an OAP, child or horse in Penyffordd.

When is Flintshire County Council going to wake up to its responsibilities to Penyffordd? Perhaps its because I have 2 county councillors who do not find 2000 speeding cars daily through our village centre an issue. I press on for the traffic data which shows how shameful Flintshire County Council is towards Chester Rd Penyffordd.
Is it time to stop wasting North Wales Police and Arrive Alive's limited resources on an issue they cannot stop?

Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another visit from Arrive Alive (3rd in 4 days)

This one of the most effective so far. Looks like a 4 - 6.15 pm. Lots of drivers being flashed by other drivers but I hope we will have a serious change in driving behaviour in Chester Penyffordd.
I hope Pallet*line got his come upance he speeds through here every working night

What Race Track Chester Rd Penyffordd needs

Here's a cardboard cutout of PC Hazel Goss MBE much prettier than PC Chris Pullen but.........
can we have a cardboard cut out of a policeman/woman please. I can put him/her out for the morning rat run then we can replace him/her with the real one every now and then.

Freedom of Information Enquiry No 6 to Flintshire County Council

May I please suggest a robot answer facility so that enquirers have some idea that their requests have not disappeared into ether. This is my 6th request with no acknowledgement so far. Derek Kirby so far being the only exception. Derek of course is real and not a robot.

By the way the morning rat run is in full flow on Flintshire County Council's defacto 2nd trunk road for through traffic. Cllr David Williams has no fault for the above situation happening apart from his unwillingness to deal with it.

Cllr Colin Bithell has sat up there in his cul de sac whilst this traffic has built up. Also Colin continues not to discuss the extra million vehicles that Flintshire County Council has booked for us in the next 5 years.

On to my request which comes as a result of reading Dave Faulkner's (Acting Director of Regeneration and Environment for Flintshire County Council) reply to a question I pressed Cllr David Williams to put forward.

With regards Banning HGV's through our village because we have the Penyffordd By-Pass.

Dave's reply was that the North Wales Police cannot guarantee effective enforcement of such an order. On the logic of this argument we could pull up all the speed limit signs in the County of Flintshire.

I do not blame Dave for his answer as he is carrying out The First Law of County Council Officials.

My request.
1. Which County Department and officer made the request to North Wales Police with regards a possible HGV ban.

2. Which North Wales Police Dept and person replied.

3. How many requests have been made in the previous 36 months to Flintshire County Council for HGV bans in Flintshire villages and the results of any requests made.

Colin Hughes
Address supplied

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The blog will look a little strange

until someone gets back to me with advice................on cascading style sheets

Its Sunday Lunchtime traffic is obeying the limit

Why is this?
A look down the road confirms that the Arrive Alive van is outside The British Legion
A big thank you to Arrive Alive who must have been in Chester Rd for 2 hours.
Phil Arnold spotted talking to Arrive Alive officer.
Now Phil knows everyone will find out.
I get people including Charles Hughes telling me that you can't tell when cars are speeding.
Its instantly recognisable when a car is speeding by sight and noise. I can tell a speeding car through this village with my eyes shut using hearing only. The pitch of noise from tyres being enough. We live in a village with a by-pass we should not have to tolerate all this crap.

keywords, Penyffordd, Flintshire County Council.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flintshire County Council Main Men who make or not make things happen

Click image to enlarge
Councillor Chris Bithell, Mike Sullivan, School Transport, David Lloyd, owner of P & O Lloyd, David Blainey, Transportation Officer, Councillor Gareth Williams, executive member for Environment and Regeneration and Dave Faulkner, Acting Director of Environment and Regeneration.
Gareth is tidying up Buckley town centre with some new flower bulbs etc, part of a 500k spend on tidying up Flintshire towns. Meanwhile Penyffordd Chester Road remains wide open to speeding traffic. Gareth has had all the traffic go around the side of Buckley Town centre. Good for Gareth Williams a man with vision for a green town environment.

Penyffordd Junior School

If you travel around Flintshire you see loads of 20 mph advisory signs outside schools. How many have we got outside Penyffordd schools. You guessed it, zero. Our village leaders seem to have no idea at all about safety for children. Penyffordd school governors no better.
The headmistress has no idea.
( I think we may have had a regime change - New Headmistress. Mrs Jayne Jones

Wrexham council area has compulsory 20 mph everywhere. Another example of how poorly Penyffordd village is run.

key word Penyffordd Junior School, Flintshire County Council

link Penyffordd Junior School

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chester Road Zebra/Pelican Road crossing

What happened to the above. We have no lolly pop lady. Quietly dropped. What a shabby lot are Flintshire Highways.

Freedom of Information Enquiries (FOIE), Complaints and Enquiries

North Wales Police, Flintshire County Council and Arrive Alive have much lauded corporate statements about their responsibilities as corporate bodies.
When it comes "to cutting the mustard" we shall have to see will we not.

1. FOIE to Arrive Alive for data collected on Chester Rd Penyffordd Traffic speeds collected over 4 days at th end of April - May 2007. Information refused. I have appealed.
I have someone on the case

2. FOIE No 2 Arrive Alive. All the electronic data collected electronically by North Wales Arrive Alive Partnerships for 2004 and 2007. Information refused on the grounds that it will take 18 hours to collate.

3. FOIE No1 Flintshire County Council I'm looking for it lol

4. FOIE No 2 Flintshire County Council sent January 20 th 2008. (not yet dealt with)
A request for information held by Flintshire County Council under the Freedom of Information Act
Re Future Traffic Volumes for Chester Road, Penyffordd.
I want any projected traffic volume data that has been calculated or measured by Flintshire County Council in preparation for the following 6 projects. If you have not worked out any data for any following project I would want for you to state this.
1. A55 Warren Hall exit (Chester Rd a great short cut)
2. Warren Hall Business Park -
3. Broughton Retail Park extension
4. Wrexham UDP expansion that will affect traffic volume through Chester Rd, Penyffordd
5. Saltney Shopping Centre
6. 300 houses Penymynydd White Lion
I would also want for a copy of the communications by Flintshire County Council with The Welsh Assembly Government with regards traffic volumes for Chester Road, Penyffordd after the A55 Warren Hall is constructed.

5. FOIE No 3 Flintshire County Council sent 22nd January 2008 (not yet dealt with)
A request for information held by Flintshire County Council under the Freedom of Information Act
Any communications between Flintshire County Council and Cllr David Williams, Cllr Colin Bithell and the late Cllr Derek Darlington with regards Chester Road, Penyffordd. By any, I mean emails, letters, faxes, texts. Face to face conversations or telephone conversation summaries, minutes of meetings held.
Please phone or email if you want further definitions or limitations

6. FOIE Number 4 to Flintshire County Council with regards roadworks now taking place between Northop Hall and Connah's Quay. (not yet dealt with)
Dear Flintshire County Council,
I note with interest that the above road is being upgraded, work commenced and will take 6 weeks.
Last May 2007 Charles Hughes Head of Engineering stated at the meeting at Penyffordd War Memorial Institute that Flintshire Highways had no money for any traffic calming for Chester Road, Penyffordd. I think we were one month into the new financial year.
Now 2 months before the end of the financial year a project at the cross roads between Northop Hall and Connah's Quay has commenced.
Under The Freedom of Information Act I require the following.
1. An engineering drawing of the work to be carried out. This can be an overall drawing shrunk to A4.
2. The budget for the project
3. The names of the committee members who passed the budget and the date
4. From what budget did the money come from.
4. The number of accidents and deaths at this junction. You can exclude any accidents and deaths that did not take place at the junction.

FOIE Number 5 to Flintshire County Council with regards Pro Active road signs
Freedom of Information Enquiry du Jour sent 30th January 2008 (still not dealt with)
Dear Flintshire County Council
I want the following information please.
1. The position of all Pro Active signs installed after 3rd May 2007.
2. The names of the committee members or officers responsible for who gets the signs
3. The dates of the initial request by County Councillors for the signs.
4. The names of County Councillors who made requests for signs after the above date.
regards Colin Hughes

Complaints outstanding
1. I have made an official complaint against Flintshire County Council over their very slow response to the constant speeding Chester Rd, Penyffordd. I am being dealt with on this matter. I have had a response from Derek Kirby on this matter which will be discussed further.
2. A complaint against North Wales Police's lack of will to tackle speeding traffic in Penyffordd

Enquiries. I have contacted Flintshire County Council Environment for a site meeting to discuss road noise pollution in Penyffordd with a view to having road noise levels measured.
I have had communication from Flintshire County Council over measuring the above. It is unusual to get a request for noise level monitoring of a road. Andrew Fuller is currently Pollution Control Manager. Andrew has the nay/say on whether the road noise will be measured. Perhaps someone higher up the tree may need to do the asking. Further correspondence from Gerwyn Powell in which he states that Flintshire County Council have no legal remit to measure road traffic noise in the circumstances which Chester Rd finds itself. To be discussed further.

Link meaning of cutting the mustard

A Plan to close Penyffordd doctor's surgery

A PLAN to close a village doctor's surgery has been met with outrage.
Penyffordd councillor Colin Bithell said he fears for constituents after receiving a letter from Flintshire Local Health Board announcing the proposed closure.

The surgery is open two days a week and is a branch surgery, operated by Buckley-based Bradley's GP practice.

Rest of story here The Evening Leader

Meanwhile a "no show" at a meeting with Arrive Alive and Flintshire County Council, perhaps Colin was not told. For any issue raised against Castle Cement with regards air pollution and noise I can raise a similar issue on air and noise pollution
in Chester Road which is in the middle of our village.

An Afternoon with the Arrive Alive Partnership

This after noon I have had a lengthy talk with Stuart for the Arrive Alive Partnership and Hugh Flintshire Road Safety Officer. Cllr Cindy Hinds was present whilst we discussed the speeding traffic that plagues Chester Road each day.
Stuart operates an Arrive Alive van. I was given a demonstration of how the camera equipment is set up and how it operates. I was under a misapprehension that the van only targeted drivers in one direction when in fact they prosecute speeders in both directions.
Stuart told me about the success he has had on Bretton Rd which is a rat run for Airbus (my words). I was under the impression that Anti Speed vans operated in a fairly straight forward manner but a conversation with Stuart proves otherwise.
Stuart will work out the most effective use of his time in discouraging motorists from breaking speed limits. Stuart will be coming to Penyffordd with his anti speeding van shortly.

Everything you wanted to know about Sex

The Guardian Comment is free

Click here

Holywell have had enough of speeding drivers

Calls for 20 mph limits outside schools.
20 mph limits are only recommended it says in the Chronicle.
Waiting for WGU legislation to introduce them across the country.

How come Wrexham council have compulsory 20 mph every where
I thought Wrexham was part of Wales

Road Accident A5104

Two car collision last Wednesday. 7.30 pm
Flintshire County Council have repaired the barrier already I see.
The accident happened on the junction of Chester Rd with the A5104.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Penyffordd Unsocial Behaviour update

The fragrant Kate Forrester in The Evening Leader writes
THREE South Flintshire police officers have pledged to crack down on anti-social behaviour.
Buckley community beat managers, PC Gareth Pearson and PC Phil Mather, are planning to distribute questionnaires across the town and in nearby Penyffordd, to find out more about any issues that concern residents.
They are also intending to tackle problems with anti-social behaviour, under-age drinking and speeding.
PC Mather said: "The big thing in Buckley is fear of crime. Crime is actually falling in Buckley. People's fear is not always backed up by the figures.
Continued below
Link The Evening Leader

An open Letter to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom

Dear Chief Constable,
The following text was partly authored by yourself. I would wish go through the document explaining that while commendable in thought and statement with regards Anti Social Driving the reality is far different in Chester Road, Penyffordd which is part of North Wales which is under your control.

Link Full Report (pdf)

This is a statement agreed jointly by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Department for Transport and the Home Office. Its purpose is to set roads policing in the context of overall police work, establish the issues which are a continuing priority for road policing, and identify the principles which should underpin operational practice and the development of policy. Virtually everyone in the country uses roads every day, as drivers or as pedestrians. With 30 million vehicles in Great Britain, the roads are busy and hazardous. Their unlawful and anti-social use affects people's safety and sense of security. Bad road use also contributes to the 3,500 people killed and 35,000 people seriously injured each year on the roads.
Roads policing seeks to ensure that people can all use the roads, go about their daily life
and get round their towns safely and without being harmed or intimidated by unlawful and
anti-social behaviour on the road. This is particularly important for the elderly, for
children, and also for the economically and socially disadvantaged, whose children, as
noted in the Government’s Road Safety Strategy1, are five times more likely to be killed
than those of the most fortunate.
Chester Rd Penyffordd currently has over 2000 speeding vehicles a day through our village which is used by the above.
Roads policing also seeks to deny criminals the use of roads for carrying out crime. Road policingis therefore an important and visible element in the police's commitment to protect the public, to help maintain safe communities and civil society, and to support lawabiding citizens' confidence in the law. The maintenance and development of proactive road policing, in partnership with the
other authorities and agencies involved, will contribute to and support the rest of the
policing function.
Road policing will focus on the following actions
· Denying criminals use of the roads by enforcing the law;
· Reducing road casualties;
1 Tomorrow’s Roads – safer for everyone, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, March 2000 But not Chester Road Penyffordd 2008.
· Tackling the threat of terrorism;
· Reducing anti-social use of the roads;
· Enhancing public confidence and reassurance by patrolling the roads.
Proactive road policing, in partnership with the other authorities and agencies involved – local councils, local highway authorities and the Highways Agency, voluntary and community bodies – will contribute to and support the rest of the policing function. It will form part of the police’s work in local Crime and Disorder Partnerships and in the development of Local Policing Plans.
Flintshire Highways were supposed to do an audit after the recent traffic speed reduction initiative by Inspector Alun Oldfield to see if any progress was being made.
Arrive Alive Flintshire reneged on this opportunity to measure the traffic speed.
Adherence to this Roads Policing Strategy is part of the
delivery of the National Policing Plan
1. The five key priorities of the National Policing Plan 2005-082 include 'reducing people's concerns about anti-social behaviour', and addressing road crime is part of that task. This strategy is based on the intelligence-led analysis contained in ACPO's National Strategic Assessment on Roads Policing3. The assessment was carried out in accordance with the National Intelligence Model (NIM), and the strategy will be implemented through a 'Control Strategy' - also in line with the principles of the NIM - which ACPO is developing. ACPO have also established a Road Policing Intelligence Forum to support the implementation of the strategy. Casualty reduction features specifically in the Policing Performance Assessment Framework, together with a performance indicator, namely the number of people killed or seriously injured in a police force area relative to the number of vehicle kilometres travelled.
Roads and how they are used matter to everyone
2. Roads are part of everyday life. Nearly everyone uses them every day, as a driver, vehicle passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. Roads are the arteries of our communities - linking homes, businesses, the shops, the library, the bus stop, schools. Road crime affects people's well-being and safety
3. Roads and vehicles need to be used with respect for other people and road users.
Every year, some 3,500 people are killed and over 35,000 are seriously injured in road
collisions. Together with less serious casualties, there are over 200,000 'Personal Injury
Collisions' every year. 95% of collisions are due to drivers' behaviour; unlawful or antisocial
driving is a factor in a high proportion.
There is absolutely no respect for Penyffordd village centre environment by well over 1000 speeding vehicles a day. They all want to get through Penyffordd as fast as they can.
4. There is a financial cost to the economy, and to the individuals concerned. The cost of all road accidents in 2002 to the UK is estimated at just under £18,000 million - including lost output, human, medical and police costs, as well as physical damage. The wider impact on personal and family life goes far beyond the money involved.
There is also the environmental cost.
5. Bad driving, even where not leading to a collision, is threatening and intimidating to other drivers. The most serious transgressions are dangerous driving, driving under the
2 National Policing Plan 2005-08, Home Office, November 2004
3 National Strategic Assessment - Roads Policing, Association of Chief Police Officers, November 2004 influence of drink or drugs, and excessive speeding. But other bad driving - such as
'tailgating', aggressive overtaking, undisciplined lane behaviour and verbal abuse - also
make other road users feel threatened.
6. Bad driving also affects pedestrian road users, through careless driving, speeding, failure to respect road crossings and traffic lights and in other ways. This amounts to significant anti-social behaviour.
We have this in excess in Chester Road Penyffordd . Hundreds of drivers doing over 50 mph through our village centre every day.
7. The factors contributing to accidents are varied and numerous. The police have however identified the four key behaviours which contribute to avoidable deaths and injury by making collisions more likely, and by making the resultant injuries worse. These are excessive and inappropriate speeding, failure to wear seat belts, drink and drug driving, and careless, dangerous and generally threatening driving and riding. The police will deal with these behaviours by:
· continued operation of the National Safety Camera Programme, dealing with
road sites and traffic light junctions with a known history of collisions and
Arrive Alive involvment in Chester Rd Penyffordd has so far had little impact. The correct procedure I feel is to do the audit of Chester Road traffic as Hugh Jones Flintshire Road Safety Officer did at the start, then show the community the FULL data. Then everyone knows if progress is being made. The current method of hiding behind statistics is unhelpful to communities affected by anti social driving.
· a national police Drink and Drug Driving campaign, to ensure that people are deterred from this activity by significantly increased risk of detection;
· a national police Seat Belt campaign, to increase the level of seat belt wearing, especially by rear-seat passengers and children;
· a highly visible police presence on the roads.
Road behaviour is a social issue. It is however not being addressed.
8. Vulnerable and disadvantaged people particularly need proactive road policing.
For example, children in Socio-economic Class V are five times more likely to be killed on the road than those in Class I. A high proportion of pedestrians injured are children or older people, reflecting both their greater vulnerability and their greater dependence on
getting around on foot.
9. Abandoned vehicles, wherever they are left, are unsightly and hazardous - but they are a particular problem in housing estates, disfiguring residents' surroundings, undermining confidence in the community, and challenging efforts to establish a crime free environment.
Vehicle fraud and crime have wider consequences
10. Other crime directly relates to the use of vehicles. Driving vehicles without a tax disk or without an MOT certificate are criminal offences. Moreover, the vehicles concerned are also more likely to be in a dangerous condition and a risk to others. They are also more likely to be uninsured, a problem which adds an estimated £30 to the premiums paid by law-abiding motorists.
11. Honest vehicle owners expect the law to be upheld and offenders punished. Road policing supports wider policing. Yes we do but it is highly depressing to watch this daily trashing of our village by 100's of shift workers from Airbus and Raytheon who do not live up to their corporate environmental statements
12. Research shows significant links between involvement in other criminal activity such as theft and burglary and the commission of motoring offences. This is reflected in police experience that active road policing contributes to wider policing, including the detection and arrest of criminal suspects. Criminals must be denied unchallenged use of roads
13. Criminals use roads to carry out a great deal of their activity - ranging from burglary and theft to drug dealing and terrorism. Proactive road policing can deny criminals the unchallenged use of the roads, and is an effective measure for containing and deterring crime. Road policing combats the threat of terrorism
14. The threat of terrorist activity in the UK remains high, and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future. Terrorist networks need to use roads, and can be detected in doing so by pro-active road policing. Terrorist networks are also involved in organised crime including smuggling, which also involves use of the roads, and is thereby vulnerable to police activity.
15. The police will use the Roads Policing Intelligence Forum to enhance the gathering
and use of intelligence. Important new technology is being deployed
16. The pilot 'Operation Laser' project demonstrated the value of ANPR (automatic
number plate recognition) technology, and the Government has put in place funding from
fixed penalty revenue, to allow the further roll-out of the technology.
The using of this equipment on the second day of a new tax month does not enamour Police to the driving public. I feel this a negative operation most probably Treasury led. A limit of 5 days at the start of the month should be offered to people who have very full lives with little time to get such banal things such as road tax.
This will enable officers in equipped vehicles to identify any vehicles of interest, whether for breaches of road traffic law or general criminal matters. This tool is being backed by the continuing improvements made by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to the vehicle and driver databases, and the data links between them and the Police National Computer. This
approach is wholly consistent with use of the National Intelligence Model. The UK police are world leaders in use of ANPR, and the intention is to retain this lead.
17. Other technological advances mean more scope in future for managing traffic - varying speed limits, warning of problems, signing diversions, and experimenting with hard shoulder running. Tackling road congestion is a key Government priority. Doing so safely, with the full involvement of the police, is paramount. Adopting the best and most efficient incident management and investigation techniques will help maintain safe and smooth traffic flow. Technology complements the role of police officers
18. But technology cannot wholly replace the police: an adequate police presence on the road is also vital. For example, safety camera technology is successfully reducing speeding, collisions, deaths and casualties at the 5,000 or so fixed and mobile camera sites in Great Britain. An independent review of the first three years of the national safety camera programme4 found that there was a 32% reduction in the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit at camera sites; the number of personal injury collisions was cut by 33%; and the number of people killed or seriously injured by 40%, over and above the UK’s overall general downward trend in numbers killed or seriously injured. But physical police presence is needed to deal with speeding elsewhere on the road network, including the motorways, - and there are other significant problems which camera and other technology cannot yet detect, including drink and drug driving, careless and dangerous driving, and failure to use safety belts. The police will enhance public confidence and reassurance by patrolling the roads.
This is not happening in Chester Rd Penyffordd.

19. The roads are part of our public space. Unlawful and unruly behaviour on the roads and in vehicles needs to be challenged and lawful standards need to be asserted, as they are on the streets and in other public places. 'Road rage' is a serious and unacceptable problem.
20. Effective policing of the roads is therefore an important and visible element in the police's commitment to protect the public, maintain safe communities, maintain and strengthen civil society, and support law-abiding citizens' confidence that the law is being upheld.
No confidence here in Chester Road Penyffordd.
21. The police will constantly maintain proactive road policing, They will also seek to understand better the problems road policing must address and to develop the best solutions to them. They will develop and implement a strategy for tackling anti-social
behaviour on the roads. I believe you do not have sufficient resources to do the above. The thin blue line has reached nano metre proportions.
22. The volume of traffic on the road is increasing and the free flow of traffic needs to
be maintained and enhanced.
Yes Flintshire County Council have great plans for Chester Road Penyffordd
Yes we can expect another million cars a year in the next 5 years because they built a rubbish by-pass.
ACPO has agreed a division of roles and responsibilities with the Highways Agency, whereby the police will continue to be responsible for law enforcement but, on the strategic road network, will be able to cease a range of non-core tasks and so release resources for core road policing priorities. A Road Patrol Strategy will clarify issues and responsibilities.
Performance monitoring
23. The number of people killed and seriously injured ('KSIs') relative to traffic
(measured as vehicle kilometres) will continue to be the Best Value Performance Indicator for road policing in the Policing Performance Assessment Framework.
Not so for village environmnets with 2000 cars a day speeding
This 4 The national safety camera programme, Three year evaluation report, University College London and PA Consulting Group, June 2004
provides an important and meaningful measure of outcome, rather than activity or input,
since it is outcomes which represent bottom line success to the public.
24. The four most significant dimensions of unlawful, disorderly and dangerous road
and vehicle use are:
· Drink and drug driving;
· Speeding; Yes we have 2000 of them everyday
· Failure to use seat belts;
· Driving which is dangerous, careless or threatening to other road users.
25. It is not appropriate for the high-level Policing Performance Assessment
Framework to include Best Value Performance Indicators at this level of detail. But, as part of this strategy, the police will develop simple and practical indicators of success which police forces locally can use and report to their Police Authorities.
26. Information on police activity in relation to these issues (e.g. number of arrests for drink driving, speeding, or careless driving) will be of interest, though this reflects
resource input as opposed to success in challenging the problem.
27. The objective will therefore be to develop indicators of outcome. These could for
example include:
- the proportion of breath tests following collisions which show positive, providing an
indicator of the prevalence of drink driving, which can be monitored over time;
- data from speeding monitoring devices such as those at safety camera sites, which
provide an indicator of the prevalence of speeding;
- data on levels of observed compliance with seat belt use;
- and local opinion polling to monitor how safe and secure people feel on the roads.
Working in partnership locally
28. The KSI measure is one over which the police do not have full control, underlining the degree to which roads and how they are used is a shared responsibility, involving the police, local highway authorities and the Highways Agency, and also voluntary and community agencies. The police will maintain and develop their working together with all these agencies, including through local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships.
Through the development of their Local Policing Plans, individual forces will seek to discuss and establish with all the relevant stakeholders appropriate indicators, objectives and monitoring arrangements and will report on the evidence obtained. The national partnership
29. No aspect of police work should be considered in isolation. Each force needs to deploy resources in response to local circumstances and priorities within a national framework. This statement, jointly developed and issued by Home Office and Transport Ministers and by the Association of Chief Police Officers, recognises the role of road policing in addressing wider priorities - such as promoting a greater sense of safety and security in the community - as well as headline objectives - such as reducing the toll of deaths and injuries on our roads.
30. All the parties to the statement look forward to working together and with other interested agencies to the continuing development and implementation of an effective road policing strategy.
Richard Brunstrom, Head, ACPO Road Policing Business Area
David Jamieson, Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State, Department for Transport
Caroline Flint, Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State, Home Office
11 January 2005
The bottom line Chief Constable is that Flintshire County Council could fix this issue in 7 days.
They will not however and will continue to waste Police time because Flintshire Highways remain in The Stone Age with regards to traffic calming and village safety. They know the good work of Wrexham Council but they will not follow.

Report a dangerous road to Zac

A Phonecall from North Wales Police

I have been contacted by PC Steel of North Wales Police. He is arranging a meeting between myself Hugh Jones Flintshire Road Safety Officer and himself. Who will be bringing along an Arrive Alive van to explain how the Arrive Partnership works and to discuss my issues with 2000 cars speeding passed my house everyday.

Cllr Cindy Hinds on site

Cllr Cindy Hinds explaining the issue ........... what ever it was.
Well the issue is the enormous amounts of water that comes down Chester Road when we have torrential rain. Most of it appears to come down the road in a river. Apparently the drains can't take all the water coming down Chester Road then in to Hawarden Road. There is a grid in Hawarden Road that lifts completely out when we have a deluge. A car wheel, motorcycle or cycle will not go over this hole without causing severe damage to said vehicle. There is also the issue of raw sewage escaping.
I will post a picture of the offending grid that lifts shortly. It's one of those need to know things.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flintshire Town Centres Face Lift Scheme

I see Flintshire town centres are to benefit form a £500,000 face lift scheme. writes Kate Forrester in The Evening Leader.
So lets see.
1. Flint has a one way system with Flint centre vehicle traffic vastly reduced.
2. Buckley town centre has been by-passed and is virtually pedestrianised.
3. Mold Town centre where the market takes place has a raised platform to slow down traffic to 20 mph.

Penyffordd village centre wide open with 60 mph traffic.

Gridlock Flintshire?

I've been to Moss this morning at 8.30 am. I try not to go out first thing because of the race track traffic of the morning rush hour. A three quarter mile queue at the Hope junction. I never use Penyffordd By-pass at 8.30 in the morning but I think the back up from Penymynydd roundabout goes way back to the Penyffordd railway station roundabout.

This of course is Pre Flintshire and Wrexham UDP requirements, the A494 "improvement", the three developments at Broughton and White Lion developments.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm in trouble with Decima

Last week we had the lovely Isla St Clair at The Institute for a concert. Decima organised it. This is very commendable as Penyffordd needs more of this sort of thing. My wife goes in The Post Office every day. Over the final week leading up to the concert my wife overheard Mary Post office talking to Decima on three occasions on the phone about ticket sales.

Then there was husband Tony asking about ticket sales whilst Tony was in The Post office.

So I did a blog about.
Very good to know that Decima is one of my readers. :)

So there was no impropriety from Mary, all was plain to be heard by who ever was in the Post Office.

Perhaps I can advertise next years New Years Eve Party on the blog. Then we won't have a repeat of last year where the party was kept top secret so no members of the wine circle got to hear about it.
Penyfforddians had tickets but they couldn't say where they had got them from.... so strange.
In the end they had tickets over.

Postscript. There's not many people know this but there is a company in Canada called Decima Inc. Hi there guys.

Link Decima Inc

keywords Decima, Tony Hodge, Penyffordd.

A Letter to the Evening leader

Hi Evening leader
A letter for possible inclusion
I was wondering if the Chief Executive of Flintshire County Council Colin Everett would wish to explain through the letters page of The Evening Leader why he sees fit to allow many 100's of speeding drivers to plough through Chester Rd Penyffordd
at speeds of 40 - 60 mph tearing our village environment apart each day.
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District

Monday, February 18, 2008

Flintshire Arrive Alive A Partnership of Deceipt and Deception

For over a year now I have been complaining about speeding through Chester Rd Penyffordd. This is not just 5 or 10 this is 2000+ cars a day in a rural village with 30 mph average and a bypass.
Flintshire Arrive Alive hide behind their quoted 32 mph average.
As someone once said "There are lies, damn lies and there are statistics."

This 32 mph average hides the probable fact that there are up to 800 - 1000 cars speed passed my house at 40 - 65 mph each day.
Vehicles at these speeds produce a lot of noise especially when they have illegal exhausts as is the wont of Airbus and Raytheon shift workers.

North Wales Police (Neighbourhood forum) then hide behind the 32 mph average as well. So sorry average is only 32 mph that doesn't seem too bad to us. The 32 mph average deceipt also sending out the wrong message to my community councillors and county councillors.
I am also ridiculed by a small section of the village as being deranged. (see previous post email Cllr D Williams)

Flintshire Highways give us half a rumble strip and an extra sign. Flintshire Highways still behaving like a spoilt little kid instead of a grown up corporate department

Flintshire Arrive Alive refuse at present to release data on the number of cars traveling through Chester Rd and their exact speed. This data they hold is for a 4 day period recorded before our meeting with Flintshire Highways organised by Cllr David Williams.

So there we have it Flintshire Arrive Alive, Flintshire County Council and North Wales Police a partnership of deceipt.

KEYWORDS: The Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, Flintshire County Council Chief Executive Colin Everett, Newport County Football Club, supporters, Charles Hughes Head of Engineering Flintshire County Council, North Wales Police, traffic calming, rat run, race track, environment, blog,
Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty's Courts Service, National Public Health Service for Wales, Welsh Assembly Government and North Wales Police.
Wrexham Council. Denbighshire Council, Angelsey Council. Poor practice,

Further thoughts. How does Colin Everett square his religious conviction with the current treatment of Chester Rd by Flintshire County Council. Does one put it in some separate mental compartment that is outside one's value system?

Further Comments. I have 5 FOIE's for Flintshire County Council that are supposed to be answered in 20 working days. I also have an enquiry and a formal complaint in the system.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Safer routes to schools - WAG

It looks like Flintshire County Council have been dragging their corporate heels.
For a number of years the Welsh Assembly Government (W.A.G.) have invited local authorities in Wales to present bids for Safer Routes to School Schemes.

Link WAG Safer Routes to Schools

Castle Cement in a winter sunset

Saturday, February 16, 2008

To New Brighton, The Beaufort Park Hotel - An Evening with Alistair Campbell

Sharing a Joke

Scanning the Room

The Rt Hon David Hanson MP introduces Alistair Campbell who was Tony Blair's Head of Media when he was Prime Minister.
David Hanson MP has known Alistair for quite a few years. I think the deal was the following.
I'll do the fund raiser but you have to get me to to Blackburn the following afternoon to watch the football. Alistair has been a life long supporter of Blackburn and has been known to go to great length and expense to get back for the Saturday game. In the event due to I think FA commitments the game was postponed.

Link Blackburn Rovers

The Chester Chronicle Editor Kevin Hughes getting his copy of Alistair's The Blair Years signed.

Eluned Morgan MEP the special guest speaker at
Alistair's fund raiser for Delyn Labour Party.
Eluned shares with the room her vision about Wales in Europe.

My interest in attending this function was that I have recently read the unauthorised biography of Alistair Campbell by Peter Oborne. I have never been in the company of people who have been at the centre of power. His talk was highly informative. He comes over a lot better than parts of the biography. Highly intelligent a very good humourous speaker. A very good night we had a table with eight other very friendly people. David Hanson MP very friendly made us feel very welcome.
Sandy Mewies AM did the closing remarks, very well spoken.
No I am not a member of the Labour or Conservative Party. I just want to live in a village not a race track.
Attendees included, David Jones Principle of Deeside College, Ken Skates, Cllr Carol Gardner, Cllr Alex Aldridge, Cllr Ann Minshull.

Pictures aren't marvellous as I haven't mastered zoom lens and the correct camera settings. Alistair waving his arms around whilst camera on zoom with 2 glasses of red wine in me produced lots of poor shots. Never mind one learns.

Friday, February 15, 2008

David Williams reply to my email

Hello Colin thank you for your recent e.mails.

I find your manner and indiscriminate ridiculing of me to be rather unfortunate and disappointing. We have known each other for over thirty years and our contact has always been mutually cordial and respectful. You have now though decided to publicly insult both myself and my family and at no time had the decency or courtesy to contact me personally to discuss your issues.

I have responded to as many of your e.mails as I considered appropriate and done all that you have asked of me with regards to trying to improve the speeding problem on Chester road. I am not entirely sure what you want me to do now and it may be helpful if you stated specifically and concisely what you are seeking. You also advise me that you have all my e.mail excuses lined up and apart from my fathers illness and a request for a bit of space which you respectfully gave me, I am not aware of the excuses that I have made. Maybe you can enlighten me? As far as I am aware my only failure has been to forward a copy of the correspondence I had with Dave Faulkner in November. I have apologised for this and also asked your wife to convey my apologies to you when I spoke to her at the Community Council meeting.

Last year when I was elected you asked me to see what I could do. Following numerous request and quite intense pressure that I put on highways, we eventually had a meeting on 2 May. The discussions were open and all who were present had the opportunity to voice their opinion and make suggestions. As I recall though, I did not hear much of a contribution from yourself!

It was eventually decided and accepted at the meeting that count down speeding signs would be erected, rumble strips would be put in place and a flashing sign erected. The police would also monitor the situation to establish the extent of the problem. It was also decided that once these measures were in place the situation would be reviewed to establish the effectiveness of what had been done. Once the flashing signs are in place it will be appropriate for the situation to be reviewed. As far as I am concerned the agreed steps have taken far too long to be put in place and I have pressurised the various departments to as much of an extent as my position enables me. I also took the case up with Chris Kay and am continuing my complaint with the current Chief Executive.

Having known and respected you from our Kelsterton days of over thirty years ago, I find it very disappointing that you seem to take such pleasure in insulting me the way that you are at the moment. Because you have not got your own way you accuse me of being weak and inefficient. If you want me to be a ‘bully’, as your wife describes Tony Sharps, I am clearly the wrong person for the job. If you want me to discuss, negotiate and argue the causes of our village in a mature and rational manner, you will have to go a long way to find anybody more committed or sincere.

I find myself constantly defending you, not only in the Red Lion, but in the Spar, the Butchers, the Post Office and the Chip shop. I am regularly asked how I put up with ‘that idiot’ or ‘the sad little man’ from the bottom of Penymynnydd road. I was even stopped in the post office the other day by one resident who I did not know and had not spoken to before who asked me just that question. He also informed me that you had blocked him from your blog because he criticised you? So much for free speech! Your methods are doing your reputation a grave disservice as I have no doubt that your aims are totally sincere. It therefore gives me no pleasure to hear people calling you the names I hear, especially that of being a pervert because you take photographs of young children!

There is no doubt that there is a problem with speeding in the village, and despite the statement of Chris Pullen that it is not the priority issue at the moment, from my point of view I strongly disagree. Speeding in the village, anti-social behaviour, the elderly people having to walk long distances to catch busses that pass their homes, the family who are getting their home re-possessed and made homeless because the father lost his job last year, the council houses and pensioners bungalows without central heating, the disgraceful lack of amenities in the village, together with many other issues that I am involved with are all of equal priority in my opinion. The speed I am able to deal with them all and then get some action out of Shire Hall is another matter!

As I have stated on a number of occasions, your aims as far as I am concerned are completely valid and necessary. Your methods though are very questionable and to a certain extent are very damaging to the cause. The figures you provide are now subject to real doubt, and the fact that you accuse my wife and brother-in-law of speeding, when I know how painfully slowly they drive puts a big question mark over the accuracy of the figures you are producing.

It must be really nice to have been able to retire at the age of fifty and have so much spare time on your hands to be able to canvas on your single speeding issue the way you do, and even have the observation skills to be so quickly on the scene for the fire to make your comments to the press! It is a shame that you do not have the courage or conviction to put yourself forward and try to put what you constantly preach into practice by standing for a seat on the council. On your own admission you could not subject yourself to such pressures so in your cowardly way, prefer to ridicule and criticise people who are making sincere attempt to try and make a difference.

In standing for the council last February I was put under a great deal of pressure to stand from friends and existing councillors to put myself forward. I can only assume people wanted me to stand because of my record of working voluntarily for the community for most of my life and the conscientious and diligent way that I opposed the Meadowslea proposals, the UDP and my fight to improve amenities in the village. This has clearly been a difficult and enlightening year for me where I have gained valuable experience which I am still learning from. Unfortunately I am not yet up to the competence of your hero Tony Sharps, and I do not have it in me to be the ‘bully’ that your wife claims him as being.

At the time of writing this e.mail to you I am still unsure if I will be able spare the time to stand again in May. Obviously as far as you are concerned I am not strong enough and it would be best if I just gave up now. If I do decide to stand again though, it will be as a result of my commitment to trying to improve the quality of life in Pen-y-ffordd and certainly not the remuneration that you seem to take exception to. On the other hand, if I decide against standing it not will not be through the cowardly pressure you are putting me under. Nothing you do or say will affect my actions, and I will continue working to the best of my ability to get the best I possibly can for the well being of the community of Pen-y-ffordd until my term is up in May. Whatever happens, it may be an idea for you to think again about standing, for your obvious experience and ability at being a cyber bully, which is regularly displayed in your blog with you abuse of others, would surely make you an ideal candidate to get things done at the drop of a hat for the village.

As I am sure you know and can imagine, letter writing is not one of my strongest points, and being rather less literate or articulate than yourself it does take rather a long time for me to compose such responses. Also, as I do not have quite so much time on my hands as you do, this response has taken a fair chunk out of my day that could have been better spent on other important matters to do with my council work, school work and my home and family life which is really suffering at the moment. It is for this reason that any future communication I have with you will be in response to matters that I feel can have a positive effect on improving things in the village. I do not intend to respond to the indiscriminate and irresponsible comments that you appear to take pleasure in making..

If you wish to speak with me personally, I will willingly give you the time and will never be so cowardly as to block you from my e.mails which you have obviously done with people who have had a go at you. I therefore trust that you will have the decency to put this response on your blog where the public can form their own opinion on how I am dealing with the matter that most concerns you.

Kind regards,

David Williams

----- Original Message ----
From: Lisa
To: David Williams (Councillor)
Cc:; Arrive Alive ; BBC Wales ; Colin Everett ; Dave Faulkner ; Cindy Hinds (Councillor)l ; Evening Leader ; Derek Kirby ; Insp Alun Oldfield ; Gerwyn Powell ; Carl Sargeant AM ; Mark Stewart (Airbus HR) ; Mark Tami MP ; "Webb, Jessica (AM Support Staff, Mark Isherwood)" ; Linda Vidamour (Councillor)
Sent: Tuesday, 12 February, 2008 9:55:04 AM
Subject: Chester Rd Sppeding update - stilll 2000 cars a day

cc To Cllr Tony Sharps please
An email to Cllr David Williams
Penyffordd County Councillor
Morning David,
My offering for today
regards Colin Hughes

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HGV Training Lorry speeding in village

Dear Training Company,
This morning in Chester Rd, Penyffordd, direction from Broughton one of your training lorries at
9.50 am sped through our village at approx 40 mph our speed limit is currently 30 mph.
Registration number could not be taken, the exact time and place should allow you to
find the driver and or instructor responsible.
This vehicle was being driven by an
a DSA driving test carried out by the DSA examiner from LLay therefore the vehicle was not under our control but under the control of the examiner.
There is also the practice of yourself or the other HGV training company that uses the village of parking
on Chester Rd just before the summit up the hill in an open limit section.
One presumes this is hill start training.
This is positively dangerous. A decision has to be made by a motorist whether to overtake
towards the brow of a hill.
Motorists come over the hill from the opposite direction at 60 - 70 mph.
I trust your management will take the above on board.
It would be fair to say that a number of residents in Penyffordd do not want
HGV's in the village as we have a purpose built by-pass.


Welsh Assembly decision to implement 20 mph speed limits at schools.

In The Chronicle. The Welsh Assembly are looking at implementing 20 mph speed limits at selected school routes. 2o mph signs outside schools in Connah's Quay are being are being refused until a decision is made by The WAG. (not Wives and Girlfriends). Flintshire County Council roll out the "we haven't got the money".

Last week Kate Forrester wrote In The Evening Leader that from 2008, FCC had £60 million to spend on what it liked. A funny old world. This was told to a Labour Councillor as well.

A further Email to Cllr David Williams re: speeding traffic

cc Arrive Alive, Flintshire County Council, North Wales Police and Councillors

Dear David,
Doesn't time fly. Yesterday was Monday, today is Friday. Even for some one like me who doesn't work its gone fast. Thank you for a copy of your letter to Dave Faulkner Director of Regeneration and Environment and Dave's reply. My golfing mate Teg of Bent Fescue says Dave's a very nice guy.

It's been over 365 days since I brought this matter to your attention. 102 days since you said you would give me a copy of the above correspondence.
It would be fair I think to say that in my dealings with you that you have a problem with time. Not enough time to look at this issue or that issue. You even mention in the above letters I wish to publish that your council work is a part time activity. Not bad for 10K a year.

Its the morning rat run at the moment and some of the traffic is flying passed my house at 60 mph. It shouldn't be happening in the middle of a village on a route to school.
In one of your reply emails to me you give high speed traffic through the village no more import than dog muck. Your sense of priorities are bizarre.

Next time you are in the middle of Mold, Buckley, Northop Hall, Rossett, Cefn or Rhos have a look at how the traffic can manage no more than about 20 mph.
Its called good council management. It's not rocket science.

Currently Arrive Alive and Flintshire County Council do not wish to show me the traffic data as the amount of traffic and the speeds through the village are a huge embarrassment, I may say they are also a huge embarrassment for North Wales Police. I am quietly confident the Information Commissioner will force the above authorities to hand over the data I have asked for

I move into second gear after the Local Elections.

regards Colin Hughes

still 2000 vehicles a day speeding in Chester Rd Penyffordd

ps. Lisa says you are going to reply to my email. Apart from your father's illness you haven't got a leg to stand on. Save your time and use it to stop speeding in Penyffordd village centre which is why you were elected.
It's a safety issue it goes straight to the top of the agenda in any organisation. Shortly corporate manslaughter will be making more headlines. A friend of mine has had all his directors on a corporate manslaughter course as he doesn't want to be the one holding the manslaughter charge. I don't think Flintshire County Council have been on the course yet..........................

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm in The Evening Leader again

Well sort of. Petra Barnby reporting that the fire in the barns was deliberate. It is possible I think to give information to Crimestoppers without giving out your name or address.

Links The Evening Leader story about the fire.

Colin Bithell's Online Presence

Colin Bithell's Link

This setting up service and free advice is available to any councillor in The Penyffordd District.
I have told Cllrs Cindy Hinds and Linda Vidamour about the above.

The upcoming Local Elections, The Penyffordd Mafia

At community council level we have one councillor who didn't know when the elections were, ie. two months time. We have another councillor who does not know every councillors name, there are about ten.
We have another councillor who has attended about 3 meetings and sticks the boot in about work that keen councillors actually do. We have one lady councillor who just sits there who appears to contribute nothing to the meetings.

I hope the Penyffordd Mafia are not going to wheel out the nearly dead, those with dementia or those nothing to contribute to the village. Its time for positive change gentlemen.

CBM Chris Pullen gets poor support from Penyffordd

Penyffordd want a result with regards recent ASBO behaviour such as barn set on fire, telephone box destroyed. The problem is that Chris can only route out this behaviour with the help of village people. When the Chief Constable did walkabout with Cllr Colin Bithell and Community Councillors Cindy Hinds and Linda Vidamour people were coming out of the woodwork to tell the Chief Constable lots of information that Chris knew nothing about.

One resident had a video of the youth behaving badly such as mooning in the middle of Penyffordd in front of their mates.
Chris has been on duty when the youth of the village have been causing trouble in the evening. He is perfectly entitled to day shift but has stayed doing night shift.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Golf course small talk

Private School Teacher
So you three are retired?
No not really Colin's never worked says Bill.......................................................

Arrive Dead continue to obsfucate

PC Chris Pullen repeats the half truths that Arrive Alive feed him at The Penyffordd Community Council Meeting. The 32 mph average hides many 100's of 50 / 60 mph speeders daily.
Arrive Alive are a disgrace.

A Complaint to The North Wales Police Authority

To The Professional Standards Department, North Wales Police Authority.

Dear Sirs
This is a complaint about North Wales Police and speeding traffic in Penyffordd. Each day 2000 cars speed passed my house (Arrive Alive Flintshire Data) North Wales Police have attended on 4 occasions with speed guns. Their current action on this continuing problem is one of timidity and a lack of commitment.

I'm sure all the appearing in the media is good for public perception.
From where I'm sitting the perception is one of failure. North Wales Police can find out exactly when the shift workers are speeding passed my house to and from work.

North Wales Police have too cosy a relationship with Airbus and refuse to protect our village Penyffordd from its daily onslaught.

My new poster for the hedge

Could add County Councillors will not stop it but that will have to wait.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Penyffordd Children in Danger

Penyffordd children playing on the main road that needs to be slowed down. New Laws on Corporate Manslaughter coming into force in April 2008. Who has their backsides covered? Is it a job for the lawyers or statisticians.

3000 vehicles a day
2000 of them speeding
A good proportion doing well over 30 mph
You all know about it. The data that embarrassing, its too embarrassing to show ( Arrive Alive Flintshire)
Do you have children or grandchildren?

An email to County Councillor David Williams

An email to my moribund county councillor

Dear David,

It is a nice morning but cold.
I have the day off today, things get a little busy next month
On the DIY front I'm putting in triple glazing against the traffic noise.
I am also doing work on accoustic defences
50 mph traffic through the village is loud.
They are all blasting through the village centre at present in the morning rat run.
Are we the most dangerous and noisy village in Flintshire?

You seem to have no idea about village environment and safety of villagers
I seem to remember somewhere you stating that you would fight for Penyffordd all the way
Not much fight from where I sit.
2000 speeding vehicles through the village every day and you are not bothered one iota.
You have now known about it for over a year.

I have all your email excuses lined up.
I go away when the speeding stops, in the next six months or six years.
My hedge will be full of protest signs taking the micky.
You seem to be taking more notice of your mates down The Red Lion
They can't see what the fuss is about speeding on a route to school.

The flashy signs might help a little.
They will not affect the morning rat run what so ever.
They will not even see them.
I see Flintshire County Council continue with their plans to fill Penyffordd with
a million or two more vehicles in the next 5 years.

The Council think Penyffordd such a soft touch, I think so too
Tony Sharps is a good councillor he has stopped his village traffic dead with traffic calming.
He waves his arms around on the front of The Evening Leader and Dave Faulkner is around in a jiffy.
Some fine tuning required in Northop Hall Dave, says Tony.
I'll fix it says Dave.

You contact Dave Faulkner and he sends you a letter.
Not a site meeting scheduled just a letter.
The easy push off.

You said you would give me a copy of the letter
That was 80 days ago.
I think your wife passes my house every day, she speeds too.

I've had a look at rules for county councillors but there doesn't seem
to be one about incompetence or negligence.
I have currently two FOIE's and an official complaint against The Arrive Alive Partnership.
An FOIE is a Freedom of Information Enquiry.
I have five FOIE's and an official complaint against FCC. Their time limits are up in the next fortnight
I intend to go on to the Local Government Omsbudsman if they ignore me.

Pity I can't complain about you.
The young Penyffordd footballers won't be able to play football if they get run over David.
You should tell that to your mates down the Red.

regards Colin Hughes
Chester Rd Penyffordd

ps North Wales Police have given up (Neighbourhood Forum), you should be pressing them
I've seen your list for Novemember ASBO's I got it off Nigel.
I see 2000 speeding cars a day aren't on it.
I thought speeding cars in a village was anti social behaviour, I suppose it is unless its your mates down the Red or at Airbus

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Isla St Clair does Penyffordd

Tonight Isla with guitar is appearing at The Penyffordd Institute. The night organized by Decima Hodge for funds for the Penyffordd Institute. Lets hope ticket numbers are good. Decima has been phoning up the Penyffordd Post Office daily to enquire about tickets sold. Decima and myself do not get on these days. She has the potential to be best village person. There is another side however.

keyword Larry Grayson.

Isla St Clair Wickipedia
Isla St Clair Official Website

Road deaths continue

After the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom claiming a year without deaths on the roads ( N Wales or Flintshire) we appear to be in a bit of a rut. Yesterday a motorcyclist rode into a lamp post. How many is that since Christmas, 8 ?

An Official Complaint against The Arrive Alive Partnership

cc The Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.
Dear Arrive Alive,
Last Friday I attended Penyffordd's Neighbourhood Forum. During the meeting which was attended by three Penyffordd Community Councillors, PC Chris Pullen repeated to the meeting that the average speed for Chester Rd is 32 mph.
This information given to Chris by Arrive Alive Flintshire.
This "canard" of 32 mph average I feel makes me look like I have some compulsive disorder or that I am losing some marbles.
The facts are somewhere near the following.
1. Airbus and Raytheon speed passed my house at 60 mph at shift start. Th elimit is 30 mph.
2. The morning rat run has 100's of vehicles that break the speed limit.
I am on the major route to the junior school.
3. Airbus and Raytheon use Chester Rd as a race track at lunch time
4. Teatime Rat run has many offenders
5. Night Shift and Afternoon shift end sees many passed my house again at 60 mph
6. There is not 5 minutes through out the day when someone is not blasting passed the house.
The Partnership hides data that is of importance to communities.
The Partnership method of showing data has little to do with the reality.
The Partnership should have a transparent policy towards data.
The current refusal to hand over numbers of cars and their speeds has only one end
That is to hide the ineffectiveness of the Arrive Alive Partnership.
Colin Hughes
Penyffordd District
ps North Wales Police have given up on speeding in Chester Rd (forum meeting), I haven't and I will not give up.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life is rather strange

Tonight a knock on the door. Inspector Alun Oldfield of North Wales Police. Ten minutes later I am talking to Cllr Colin Bithell outside the butchers. I have had a discussion with Colin. Have explained we probably started off on the wrong foot.
The Police have a community policing mobile setup that is touring the villages and towns of Flintshire. This is part of an initiative to allay old people's concerns about crime.
Fear of crime itself can be very debilitating. Also a van with loads of drugs and contraptions they use ingest the drugs.

Penyffordd War Zone

I have in front of me the list of ASBO incidents for November.
We also can add Hewitt's Barn on fire plus others for December and January.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Airbus 380 runs on gas

The world's largest passenger airliner, the Airbus A380, has successfully made a test flight using synthetic jet fuel partly made from natural gas. The test is the latest step in moves by airliner builders and operators to diversify the sources of their fuel supplies.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Derek Kirby of Flintshire County Council who will be looking into my complaint with regards lack of committment by Flintshire Highways

Caption: Carl Sargeant AM, Councillor John Beard and Derek Kirby, Principal Engineer, FCC.

Here is Derek Kirby on the right who will be dealing with my complaint against Flintshire Highways. The complaint is that Flintshire Highways know that 2000 vehicles speed passed my house but will do nothing to stop it.

Derek is looking at my complaint because he is Head of Highways Strategy / Pennaeth Strategaeth Priffyrdd , Directorate of Environment and Regeneration / Amgylchedd ac Adfywio,

Zebra Crossing Greenfield
Shotton Traffic Chaos

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