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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is Cllr Alison Halford having a go at moi?

Alison's blog says
"A letter was published recently ( The Leader) stating that the reason some members did not claim expenses was because we did not bother to attend meetings. How wrong the author was."

Link here
My comments at the bottom.

Alison continues to give a view of Flintshire County Council goings on that is unique.
One wonders what the Welsh Omsbudsman has found against her. Most probably something on her blog.............

Another Airbus down

Link The Telegraph

Penyffordd Community Council meeting July 2009

on Wednesday at 6.30 pm in The Institute. All are welcome to attend.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tis the season of flies, to be eaten alive

Postcript. Covering up seems to be the best method of protection for us. Horse flies have an unusual slow flight pattern. Their body shape is longer than standard flies, they are easy to spot once you realise this. They first land on you very softly and just wait to move to an area of flesh. They will target the underside of a bare arm or hand. They seem to sense when you are distracted by something else. A customer of ours had her leg balloon in size after two bites on her leg. Our dog also gets bites. We walk the same walk a lot we know where they wait. I try to kill as many as possible as they do not give up they just keep coming back to bite you. I am of the opinion they target females in menustration above other targets available.

Extra Link Clegg

The fields are currently full of flies. Most flies just irritate but not the horse fly ( Tabanidae). The male of the species does not bite. The female however has all the necessary equipment to rip open your flesh. They seem to take great delight in biting Lisa. Eight bites tonight. The bites can swell the size of golf balls. I have a few as well. Future dog walking by the sea till September?

Adult horse flies feed on nectar and sometimes pollen. Females usually also feed on blood which aids in egg development. Males lack the necessary mouth parts (mandibles) for blood feeding. Most female horse flies feed on mammal blood, but some species are known to feed on birds, amphibians or reptiles. Immature or larval horse flies are fossorial predators of other invertebrates in moist environments.

The females' primary sense for locating prey is sight, and they have large compound eyes that serve this purpose well. The flies usually lay waiting in shady areas for prey to happen by. They are attracted to large, dark objects, and to certain animal odors and carbon dioxide. They are also attracted by motion, their eyes being well adapted to its detection. The eyes of horse flies are generally brightly colored, and this coloration is one of the means entomologists use to identify them to species, though the colors rarely persist after death. Sex in most species can be distinguished based on shape of the eyes relative to the frons. Male horse flies are usually holoptic, meaning that their eyes meet and take up the majority of the head. In females, the eyes are separated by a space called the frons.

The bite from a larger specimen can be singularly painful, especially considering the light, agile, and airborne nature of the fly. Unlike insects which surreptitiously puncture the skin with needle-like organs, horse flies have mandibles like tiny serrated scimitars, which they use to rip and/or slice flesh apart. This causes the blood to seep out as the horsefly licks it up. They may even carve a chunk completely out of the victim, to be digested at its leisure.

The horsefly's modus operandi is less secretive than that of its mosquito counterparts, although it still aims to escape before pain signals reach their mark's sphere of awareness. Moreover, the pain of a horsefly bite may mean that the victim is more concerned with assessing and repairing the wound, than finding and swatting the interloper.

Horse flies are most active in hot weather, mostly in summer and autumn during the daylight hours. Most species also prefer a wet environment, which makes it easier for them to breed. The female lays eggs on vegetation overhanging moist soil. The larvae hatch and drop onto the soil, where they feed on smaller organisms until pupation.

Aside from generalized predators such as birds, there are also specialist predators such as the Horse Guard, a type of Sand wasp that preferentially attacks horse flies.

Eggs are generally laid on stones close to water or on plant stems or leaves. On hatching, the larvae fall into water or moist earth, feeding voraciously on invertebrates, such as snails and earthworms, and small vertebrates.

Some horsefly species are known to transmit disease and/or parasites. Species in the genus Chrysops are biological vectors of Loa loa, transmitting this filarial worm between humans. They have also been known to transmit Anthrax among cattle and sheep.

A common problem in some animals, though, when large flies are abundant, is blood loss. Some animals have been known to lose up to 300 ml of blood in a single day, which can severely weaken or even kill them. "

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

The car has died

Yesterday it broke down. We had to rely on our breakdown cover to get us home.
The injection fuel pump has failed at 290,000 miles.
Repairs exceed value.................................

German town goes car free

and asking friends around warms the house up. One of my targets is for a house that requires very little heating. The magic ingredient is Kingspan if you have solid walls such as ours.

Link Vauban

Thought for the day

It is said countries in Europe and North America have so far spent around $14 trillion, or 50% of their GDP to shore the banks up.

Link Citywire

Postscript: GDP being gross domestic product which is turnover and NOT profit

In future speculative adventures should be separate from savings and companies allowed to go to the wall.

An Email to Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie with regards North Wales Police pledge to communities

Dear Chief Superintendent,

It is early morning in Chester Rd, Penyffordd, the birds are singing, we are in the height of summer. We are also into our daily rat run with vehicles hurling through the village, HGV's accelerating up the hill well before the speed limit taking a short cut and not using our bypass.
On the North Wales Police website it says " it’s very important for us to respond to the day-to-day frustrations of citizens wanting to make their locality a nicer place. "

As you are aware there are over 1000 speeding vehicles through Penyffordd each day. I have complained about this issue for over 2 years. North Wales Police's response to be kind is very lack lustre.
Under the Police Pledge I and residents in Chester Rd expect you to apply speeding traffic law and to act in the interests of Chester Rd by proposing an HGV ban to Flintshire County Council as we have a purpose made bypass.
I expect a timely reply to my and other Chester Rd residents concerns over our village environment under your Policing Pledge obligations.

Yours sincerely
Colin Hughes
Penymynydd Rd

published to blog

Link North Wales Police Pledge

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Speed Limits in village centres and Lanes

An article in The Western Mail. Lower Mountain Rd has shiftworkers from Raytheon and Airbus speeding everyday. Its a 60 mph limit which is suicidal or murderous depending on who will be killed. It should be 30 mph.

The Western Mail

Meanwhile speeding in Chester Rd remains wholesale. Where are the police?

keywords, CBM Howie Williams, Chief Superintendent Ruth Purdie, Eastern Division.
Carl Langland, Director of Environment.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cows in fields

We walk in fields with our 2 dogs where there are always sheep but occasionally cows. There are about 8 cows and 8 calves. We occasionally meet them at gates but were unaware how dangerous a situation we were in earlier this year. Trolly our bull terrier goes mad when he sees cows.

In the Daily Mail a woman has been killed by a group of cows whilst walking her 2 dogs. The cows look on dogs as wolves and so a danger.

Robin Page has had a few mishaps over the years.

The Daily Mail

Robin Page

Trampled by Bull Plas Newydd farm, Llanfaethlu, near Holyhead.

'spooked' by fire engine siren

Postscript: Where we walk there have been at least two incidents regarding cattle.
Instance 1. Calf comes trotting down lane (its still like that there nowadays) bull terrier gets hold of calf by the ear. Calf starts bellowing. Dog owner tries to get dog to let go and manages to get his hand in the dogs mouth as well as the calf's ear. Mum cow hears baby in distress and comes charging down the lane. Next door neighbour manages to choke dog into letting go. Disaster averted. Bull terriers do not lock on they just will not let go. Its handy to have a small metal lever in pocket. When applied to the back of the jaw the dogs jaws can be prised open. When it happened to one of our dogs I used my ignition key lol.

Instance 2. Same road (Ffordd y Blaenau) Young man takes dog up to the fields. Cow has just given birth to calf in field. Cow attacks young man the cow's horn pierces the young man's groin. It happened when there were few phones. Someone cycled into Treuddyn to call for an ambulance. Young man bled to death.
As told by ex parish councillor Idris Jones for Treuddyn.

The Internet changeth nearly everything

The Guardian faced with going through nearly a million MP's receipt's asked for public help. So the phenomena of " crowd sourcing" was applied and nearly 20,000 Guardian readers took on the task to look for cheating MP's.

Link The Guardian

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Penyffordd Carnival 2009 Photos

George Formby Society


Buckley Tai Chi Club Demonstration

Cllr Cindy Hinds

George Formby Society

Cllr David Williams trying to open the box

Buckley Tai Chi Club Demonstration

Children's Magician


Evening Leader chief photographer Simon Williams-Tully arranging the girls for a photo

Hawarden ATC Stall

Buckley Brass Band

An Orchid found in Blaenau

Click on image to see the full beauty of this plant

Common Spotted Orchid
(Dactylorhiza fuchsii)

Seen on a walk

Friday, June 19, 2009


I have decided to keep important links to me on line. I think its called cloud computing. It saves issues when computers crash etc.....


The Fig Tree 

Propagation of Blueberry  very, very good


Plant propagation doc stock very good

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Soldering copper tube

Blueberry Production

Blueberry fertilization

Blueberry fertilizer 4 and soil requirements

Tissue Culture Techniques with New ZealandBlueberry Selections©

Ex-Vitro Acclimation of some Horticultural Species in Hydroculture 

Bluecrop Micro........... 

Blueberry Micropropagation 7

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Blueberry Micropropagation 4

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Blueberry Propagation 3

Blueberrry Propagation

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Haskap berries arrive in North America

Propagating Figs

Book Plant Tissue Culture

Book Plant Cell and Tissue Culture

Book Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture

Book In vitro culture higher plants

Plant cell pots  

Fertilising Apple Trees

Comfrey good   good

Deep Cells 


In Vitro techniques in saskatoons 

The High bush Blueberry

Tenax Wax


Apple Rootstocks byHardwood Cuttings

How to Propagate Grape Vines


Propagation of deciduous fruit trees and vines by seed, layering and hardwood cuttings


Good site for buying fruit trees ------     very interesting

Tree Fruit Culture and Varieties in North Dakota

Home PropagationTechniques

Fruit trees on their own roots  excellent 


Blueberry Micropropagation 

Blueberries 10 varieties Hedgehog

Blueberries for sale UK 14 different types

Blueberry Bulletin

Shoot Tip Culture of Amelanchier laevis   good

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Book Introduction to Fruit Crops

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Penyffordd Post Office doing turnaway business

A 40 minute queue for parcels in the post office this afternoon. The place full of Interneter's, Ebayer's and Amazon's. Sue behind the counter said it was manic. The problem if you call it such is that internet orders do not cease at night or at weekends they just keep coming. So Monday can be a busy day.

Penyffordd Carnival 2009 Program Part b

Click image to enlarge

Penyffordd Carnival 2009 Program - Part a

Click image to enlarge

keywords: Penyffordd Village Motors

Another World

Lisa and myself once did a week yoga retreat on Bardsey Island. Here is something a lot further along the track. It may have something to do with why I want to live in a village and not a race track.

Link The Independent

Link Bardsey Island

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Speeding continues through Chester Rd Penyffordd

Our previous CBM Chris Pullen and Inspector Alun Oldfield were not interested in speeding through the village whatsoever. A half hearted effort that was quickly dropped. A couple of weeks hammering the speeders with the speed gun and articles in The Leader could have slowed a lot of them down.

I'm writing this as vehicles have been hammering through the village all day. It's less than it has been but still a considerable amount. I think well over a 1000 a day.

Our new CBM Howie Williams has been to the last Penyffordd Community Council meeting. One of the plus points was his suggestion that speed limits be pushed back up the hill. This was a very good suggestion. This however needs backing up with enforcement or an inability of vehicles to fly through the village with verticle platforms introduced.

This seems a long way off with Flintshire County Council's alleged moratorium on speed bumps which they use as an excuse except when they want to use them. They have been applied recently on a stretch of road in Deeside Industrial Estate where speed trials were taking place.

Speeding through Penyffordd however seems acceptable to Flintshire County Council. They have the exact data for traffic but refuse to release it as it is so bad. Nor will they act on it endangering lives and ruining our village environment.

CBM Howie Williams has said he will contact the Arrive Alive and a specialist division of North Wales Police that deal with speeding. I wait along with others in Chester Rd, Penyffordd.

We take pride in where we live, its a pity so few others do.

key words: Chief Superintendant Ruth Purdie, Hugh Jones Safety Officer, Cllr Arnold Woolley, Cllr Tony Sharps, Environment Director Carl Langland, Jim Morris All Wales Safety Partnership,

Found Mr Mole on the walk

and the pigs have escaped..............................again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Someone has made me an offer

There are a few out there who would hope I might accept.
I've left the email in just in case there is someone interested out there.


Hello. I have a big temptation before acquaintance to you. I wish to tell to you a little about myself. My name Yerenak. This Armenian name. I was born in Armenia in city Gyumri and I live here till the present moment. To me of 30 years. I live with the father in small
apartment. My father very good person. My work gives to me many pleasure. I work in shop of children's toys as the seller. Every day I see many happy children whom parents buy toys. My work very much is pleasant to me. I like to look at happy children's faces. I never was
married. Till now I have not met the decent man in Armenia. I heard from the friends much, that many girls of Armenia marry foreigners as foreign men more approach for girls of Armenia. Therefore I have decided too to try to find the man from for borders. I search for the man who will love me and to understand. I wish to learn you better and to see your qualities. I also heard about the Russian girls who by a deceit and games with feelings of the man from abroad earn money much. I do not want, that between the man and the woman there was a deceit.
I search the truth and respect. I search for the unique man with whom I could live in common. If you appear that man whom I waited all life. That I will be ready to arrive to you and to meet you. But as we do not know each other, at present I am not ready to arrive to you. With
this letter I send to you two photos. I very much hope, that you will like my photos. Also I would like to see in the nearest your letter the attached photos you directly. Ok? I hope, that you understood, that I have exclusively serious intentions. I do not wish to play with feelings of other person and I will not suffer, if with my feelings will play. Now I would like to set to you some questions. You should be with me frank and sincerely answer questions. And I will be also
frank and sincerely to answer your questions. How your full name how me to name you? How you spend a free time? What your character is? You have serious intentions, also as I? What do you expect from our acquaintance? We will learn each other with each letter more and more.
I leave to you the e-mail: I will wait for your answer as soon as possible. Yerenak

CBM Howie Williams

spotted up the Vounog. Watching traffic? If Howie contacts Hugh Jones at Flintshire County Council he can show him exactly when most of the speeding happens.

1. 7.15 - 9.00am Weekday ratrun
2. 4.00 - 6.00 pm less severe rat run

Weekends traffic comes piling through but its variable.

A civil engineering solution takes Howie off the job.

Flintshire County Council have a variable moritorium (oxymoron) on speed bumps.
It all depends when they want to apply it.

keyword: Dave Faulkner.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penyffordd Community Council Grants

Each year organisations within Penyffordd district and beyond can apply for grants from Penyffordd Comunity Council. Applications please by the end of July, accompanied by the latest audited financial statements.
Applications should be given to Nigel (G N I Jones) Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council.

Protest sign

Now here is how you protest. How about "Over a 1000 speeders a day passed here every day. "Guaranteed to make us loose best kept village? I think I will need to paint the side of the house first and cut the hedge.

HGV's through Penyffordd

Whilst I'm in rant mode and I might get a few extra lookers at the blog ( I had 97 the other day).
Why are HGV's allowed through the village when we have a bypass?

a. Is it because councillors do not care?
b. Have Penyffordd councillors had/have some secret arrangement with Flintshire County Council?

Councillors have been patting themselves on the back for years over the daffodils they have arranged to be planted whilst we have had wholesale speeding through the village and being a shortcut for HGV's.

Is the sense of priorities a little awry?
Daffodils before village safety.

poscript: It must be said that we do have some good councillors in the village, some councillors may develop into better councillors.

A Letter published in today's Leader - re Health Centre

Dear Leader
A letter for consideration
Hope community are rightly concerned with regards the preferred placement of the new Hope Health Centre. Cllr Cliff Shone says the village cannot affordd to loose such valuable playing area.
Penyffordd district is a large community of over 3000 people with Flintshire UDP requirements for a further 1000 people.
We have the necessary space for a medical centre earmarked for development under the Flintshire UDP.
I'm sure Penyffordd residents whose medical provision currently stretches to advice from the local pharmacy will greatly welcome the construction of a state of the art health centre within the village. Penyffordd district residents have every right to ask why we are being so poorly
catered for by the Flintshire Local Health Board.
Colin Hughes

postscript: The questions need to be asked why we have few medical facilities, why the village is like a race track, why we have few facilities for youths as compared with other villages. Part of the answer lies in previous county councillors taking their eye off the Penyffordd ball whilst running the county. Also lack of spending on the community through keeping community charges too low.

Also what damage has been done by Cllr Tom Jones making sure that any keen residents wanting to stand for community council get Tom's block vote against them. The same actions applied for potential county councillors?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Penymynydd in the news

for the wrong reasons. Cllr Colin Bithell up for a quote

Link The Evening Leader

And for those who want further education here

Postscript: From Chester Rd the best way to get to Dobshill A55 at rush hour is through the woods.
Which is where we have been tea time.
It's still going on..........................

Monday, June 08, 2009

Wales' New MEP's

Link WalesOnline

I once emailed my MEP's they all came back to me. I was wanting them to take action over WAG, Flintshire County Council and North Wales Police not doing their job with regards speeding in the village. Their job is to make law not enforce it lol.

Lock your windows and doors

In The Leader, Eleanor-May Woolnough of Hawarden Rd has seen a large black cat similar to a puma. It's all here.
Perhaps we need CBM Howie Williams carrying his gun.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Archbishop Cranmer's Blog


The Archbishop has a way with words that I will not match in 1000 years.

Alison Halford's Blog


Alison gives a valuable insight to the workings of county councillors at Shire Hall. What comes across in Alison's musings is that there is friendliness across the political divides. Alison calls Cllr Bernie Attridge (Labour) her "favourite cuddly". The blog is written with honesty and humour.
Site navigation could do with some tweaking, stuff is a little hidden.

Link Goings on at Shire Hall

Friday, June 05, 2009

Local Elections England 2009

Some cities are not having elections it appears to be mainly the Shires.
If you voted in European Elections results are out next Monday.
The link may be slow to load

Link The Telegraph

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Cllr Patrick Heesom and I have something in common

We both take issue with senior officers of Flintshire County Council. In my case the way they hide information and block FOIE's illegally.
Anyway the Local Government Chronicle says the following which was not reported by local newspapers ( I think)

Flintshire County Council ’s executive took the unusual step of issuing a statement to deny that the council was in either “chaos or fracture”, following the referral of executive member for housing strategy Patrick Heesom (Ind) to Wales’ standards ombudsman.

This move followed a statement from chief executive Colin Everett and other senior managers, which said the corporate management team had referred Cllr Heesom for “alleged multiple breaches of the code of conduct”.

It continued: “The council has exhausted all other solutions in this case and the referral has been made as a last resort.”

A subsequent statement from the team said Cllr Heesom had made “unfounded and contentious comments about the governance of the county council and the behaviour and performance of senior management and several identifiable individual senior officers” during a press interview.

Cllr Heesom told LGC: “Officers have disregarded members’ political wishes. Members’ support for me has been almost universal.” He predicted the ombudsman would refuse to take up the case and expressed dismay that mediation had not been instigated.

Link Local Government Chronicle

We have been to vote

Arthur Scargill is on the sheet. I don't like his idea of democracy. The main parties will not be happy that the BNP are at the top of the voting sheet next to a union jack logo. Lisa and myself went around to a couple's house today to vet them for a dog from a charity. It's in the middle of nowhere. The talk got around to voting. They were a little cautious to admit it but they will be voting for the BNP. They said they were fed up at the way the government were letting loads of immigrants in the country and messing up the economy. The result will be of great interest to Gordon Brown. Some blog pundits reckon he has less than a week before he loses his job.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A constant sore

This was the term used to describe me tonight during Penyffordd Community Council meeting. One hopes attitudes have changed and I can stop playing the same record.
Constant speeding is not good for the health of me or the village. It will not be me getting run over but one of the children on bikes. There was a very near miss last Autumn.
Its still 1000+

Speeding could have been addressed 2 years ago...........................................

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting notes

A very constructive meeting.

Cllr Cindy Hinds in the Chair.

The new CBM Howie Williams very business like. Has had lengthy service in the Army as well as North Wales Police. Has training with firearms. He will be a good asset to the village.

Positive talk about stopping speeding in Chester Rd as well as other parts of the village.

Cllr Colin Bithell still having a little trouble with my figure of 2000 speeders a day last year but his talk is a lot more positive. He could always ask Hugh Jones of FCC who has all the data for 2 periods last year.
Cllr Bithell is coming around bit by bit.

The surveys were done over 7 and 10 days respectively. They know the exact speed of every car to within 2 mph. They hand out average's to disguise the true figures which are not good
The credit crunch has reduced speeding.

CBM Howie Williams will be getting Arrive Alive to visit Penyffordd more often

Cllr Cindy Hinds suggested extending 20 mph zone from school to past Post Office as it is the main route to school when the go ahead is given and CBM Howie Williams would support this.

CBM Howie Williams suggested extending 30 mph back up to the houses at the top of Chester Rd so drivers get more used to doing 30 mph. This an excellent suggestions.
Also traffic will not be doing 70 mph passed the houses.

Flintshire Highways man Dave Faulkner is to visit Penyffordd next week to look at various traffic issues within the village.

Cllr Tom Jones mentioned shift traffic etc and the fact we have no lolly pop lady on our route to school. A lot of movement of OAP's and children in the Chester Rd area.

Flintshire UDP Housing requirement for Penyffordd and district

White Lion a minimum of 132 houses
Wood Lane 204 houses
Dobshill was deferred

Someone opined that the increase of the village will be to the tune of 30% or even more.

Cllr Jane Hopwood asked whether the schools would be able to deal with the influx of children.
Cllr Cindy Hinds opined that it would help to keep the schools open.

Penyffordd and Penymynydd are going to enter FCC Environmental Competition. So I will have to cut hedge and paint house.

Cllr David Williams is having a little trouble with the new village website.................
I did offer to do one free that could be up and running in 20 minutes. It would be able to have content added on a daily basis by councillors as it ss so easy to use.
I would give free technical backup.

Instead he goes for one that requires html programming or some other fancy language.
The site attracts yearly fees for the web address. The person doing it for him is doing it as a favour. Its got everything going against it.

Not good judgement David. You criticise me for doing nothing for the village then when I offer you ignore me

Cllr Linda Vidamour is going to do a Summer News Letter for the village.

If email addresses were harvested through out the Penyffordd district printing costs could be cut down as newsletters could be sent over the net. The effort to send news letters is minimal when it is set up and is free.

Police walk out of Council meeting.

Not here, Shotton

Link The Leader
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