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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will Chester Road Penyffordd be the casualty to upset Chief Inspector Brunstrom's figures?

Three boys going to Penyffordd primary School last week. Silver BMW speeds past within a yard or two of the boys. It's on the wrong side of the road accelerating.
The second photo shows the boys running across the road between the speeding cars in the rat run.
I have had to do surgery on the images to remove the top of my rose bush. I haven't done "a Reuters Photoshop" like they did on the Lebanon War though.
I have written a letter to the school's Headmistress some time ago. Although sympathetic to my letter she seems little interested in 20 mph zones that most other schools appear to have.

Reproduced here

Mrs Patricia Williams

Penyffordd Junior School

Penymynydd Road, Penyffordd



Dear Mrs Williams,

From the above address (removed) you can see where I live. For the last month I have been trying to make our authorities see sense over the rat run we have through our village at various times of the day. It is getting faster and noisier.

My reasons are the excessive noise and speed. We have a by-pass, we should have a quiet village.

At the moment The Community Council are acting rather sluggish. They have a meeting Wednesday night where I hope a little light will appear.

I have been communicating with our excellent MP Mark Tami and Cindy Hinds CC.

Their details are on my blog

Due to Mark I think, we have had visits from Arriva Live and our also excellent Community PC Ian Millington.

I have witnessed children trying to cross the road in very dangerous circumstances in the last 6 months. On one occasion, 3 children crossing behind the bus at the bus stop.
The sight nearly made my heart stop.

As I mention in my blog in various places we have all the ingredients for a nasty accident. As I work from home and from a purely selfish point of view I do not want to be witness to a child, pensioner or horse getting knocked down.

My blog has started as a personal crusade against the Community Council over their inertia. Perhaps I expect too much in so small a time scale

The blog called Penyffordd and District is all a bit “me” at the moment. I intend to expand it so all people of Penyffordd can use it. I will publish articles on any aspect of Penyffordd life or their hobbies from children, teenagers, adults and pensioners. Articles can be written, photographic or what ever. I can also allow other people to put their own articles on. It will also be a forum on matters Penyffordd.

I am pushing for a 20 mph at Penyffordd junction on Chester Rd, your own input would be extremely welcome and valuable, carrying plenty of weight. Flint, Hope and other schools have advisory 20mph. I would wish to start with this then push for compulsory.
Sincerely Colin


A waste of time....................? The Council have persuaded her ( I think) to fill out a "Route to School" form so we can get money for a crossing outside the Post Office. I should point out I am not wishing for the above scenario just pointing out the possibilities as any Health and Safety Officer doing a risk assessment would. Between 8.30am and 9.00 am when the school children are walking to school many of whom have to cross Chester Rd there will be about a 100 speeding cars and lorries on Chester Rd many reaching 50 mph plus where these little boys are standing.

Postscript: perhaps I have been a little hasty.................................we shall see.

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