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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hidden Portable Speed Cameras for North Wales villages

On the ABD website I came across some articles on hidden speed cameras by Meredydd Hughes Chief of Police South Yorkshire. Click here.
Police forces across Britain are unable to contain millions of thoughtless idiots who speed through small villages without the political clout to defend themselves against a daily environmental insult.
I think it needs to go a step further. Portable Mobile hidden cameras. As mentioned before any village or small community can go on the list. The community gets a set of hidden camera signs that warn of hidden cameras which are errected on council road signs for entry to the community area which are there for all to see that if they do NOT obey the speed limit they can expect 3 points in the post or more. The scheme is self generating. Fines going into cameras and training for volunteer community members, the beat manager also being involved. Hidden Camera zones reduce traffic to the limit all the way through the zone. Most local communities know where the speeders operate and where the best places are to hide the cameras. Currently I believe Arrive Alive will not even give Speed Camera Signs to all villages that qualify for attention, such as Penyffordd. This in my view is a mistake.
The mere sight of this new sign and the related publicity about poor Johnny Hardworker who piles through my village at 50 mph caught by hidden camera will be enough to calm most villages just with the signs.

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