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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Traffic Calming Methods for Chester Street, Penyffordd

Proposed Methods ( I think)

1. Zebra Crossing outside the Post Office. If flat same as road will only slow traffic if someone is crossing or wanting to cross, Not Very Good. I presuming we are not having lights.
If it's on a raised platform, Very Good.
Won't go well with The Post Office if more parking space is removed. Perhaps a complete removal of yellow lines as mentioned by Mary. Traffic both sides cuts down the speeders.

2. Pro-Active Sign that warns drivers they are going too fast. To be positioned for traffic coming into the village. Not much good for the morning rat run speeding out of the village. Half Good.

3. Rumble Strips at entrance to village. If same height as Broughton just a token, No Good.
If same as Llandullas Rumble strip and stretching right across the road Good.

4. Extra Speed limit Sign. I think of little effect. No Good.

5. Arrive Alive visits. If once every blue moon, of no effect, No Good.
If stationed at Terrace Lane for 2 mornings on the run 7.15 am to 9.00am. Very Good.

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