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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Penymynydd in the Headlines for the wrong reasons

Front page and third page of The Flintshire Leader runs with unsavoury practices in woods by males. Colin Bithell (Cllr) quoted as saying its been an embarrassment for the community for a long time. Residents nearby fear for their children. Quotes by Ellis Davies, Sir William Gladstone's retired game keeper. Full description on how The Internet is used for communication. Police say they are aware and constantly patrol the area.

Well officers, its at shift start and shift end plus end of office hours work. They won't be able to read this as Beat Managers aren't allowed on The Internet or to have proper email addresses. The communication with both The Chief Constable and Beat Managers is through an online form that wants name, address, age and gender. Its semi automated after the 1st time but still a pain. Its impossible to do group emails that everyone enjoys so much :) .

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