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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Traffic Calming - Progress through our MP Mark Tami

Dear Mark
Thank you for the letter. The House of Commons envelope always impresses the Post Man who I think is having the day off tomorrow. (Post Man National Strike) I thank Flintshire Highways for their current efforts.
I hope Flintshire County Council will take the brakes off their reluctance to have 20mph Compulsory speed limits. We are surrounded with Counties that have have them. Merseyside, Cheshire and Wrexham.

Flintshire Highways are The Professionals myself the amateur. I will watch their efforts with interest.

I feel a Platform at the 30 mph speed limit all the way across is the best solution to stopping traffic BOTH ways. Speeding into the village and out. That part of Chester Road is a 50 - 60 mph regular occurence.

An analysis after the current efforts have been installed perhaps with Hugh Jones's magic box?

I thank you for your continued efforts in helping to keep Chester Road, Penyffordd as a Welsh Rural village environment with a By- Pass.

regards Colin

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