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Friday, March 10, 2017

Penyffordd Local Elections May 4th

Cllr Cindy Hinds will be standing for County Council
Cllr David Walker will be standing for Community Cllr

I presume it is a given that Cllr David Williams will be standing for County Council.

It would be good for new faces who have enthusiasm to stand.
Time for those long standing community cllrs to stand aside.

Penyffordd Community Group now give "added value" to our local representatives.
This is not an uncommon situation. Many such groups exist throughout the United Kingdom.

postscript Cllr Jeff Priddin will be standing as well.

1 comment:

  1. I will be standing again , I only joined the council 12 months ago I have enjoyed it ,I hope people will vote for me I am fighting for the village, just two things I am trying to change are the youth of our village I would like to see more for them to do within our village , some times they get blamed for things they haven't done our youngster need looking after they are the villagers of the future let's help them now. The other thing I am trying to stop is dog fowling within our village,I know it's only a few people who don't care about there dogs mess and these people have to be fought and fined you can't blame the dog it's only doing what comes naturally, it's the idiot on the other end of the lead that's to blame.if anyone needs my help in anything please contact me, you can find my phone number on the village web page or you can get hold of me on my web page on Facebook it's only been running and a lot of villagers have been on there and do have helped in anyway I can.


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