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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bus Shelter Blues

Trouble up road....
When I first bought my house 30 years ago BT attempted to put a phone box outside our house.
Also a magnet for youth and others.
Mrs Hibbert the previous owner managed to stop them. BT had done a phonebox base and it was ready to go.

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  1. Do you not think there is a need for such a service in the light of the latest proposals by ARRIVA. They have decided to reduce the service to Mold and Chester through the village by 50%. As of Monday the 10th April the bus service to Mold and Chester will be every hour. This was done without any consultation with the Community Council and from what I can make out without any consultation with the County Council. The buses to Mold will be 10past the hour from the institute and on the Hour to Chester from the institute. They have also withdrawn our ONE AND ONLY BUS THROUGH THE VILLAGE ON A SUNDAY. How people are expected to get to work I don't know.


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