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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Next Month's Election

We have Lib Dems wanting to allow 50,000 refugees in the country
Welsh Labour  and Plaid Cymru want to turn Wales into a Refugee Sanctuary
Labour nationally all over the place
Tories wanting to repeal fox hunting ban?
UKIP a spent force
Lord Farage (sic) has done his job

I have to wait nearly 3 weeks for a particular doctor appointment
It can be a 90 minute wait if I go on the day
A&E can be a nightmare unless you're actually dying

Some old people struggle with money whilst immigrants are let in and given
free housing, free cash , free schooling, free medical
They have loads of babies as well

Not sure I'm going to bother voting.

postscript: re Lib Dems 50k refugees. There's 100,000 people been waiting for a house for over 5 years.....

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  1. Also forgot about all the homeless people on our streets.


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