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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Vounog Hill Development Update

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Vounog Hill Development Update

Yesterday we met with Strutt & Parker land agents, who are representing the landowner of the fields on Vounog Hill.

It was speculated in social media a couple of weeks ago that surveyors were on the land between Meadowslea and Vounog Hill. Following the meeting we can confirm that plans have been drawn up for 37 homes and the planning application is expected to be published for pre-planning consultation later this month.

In this case the people we met with, and the landowner by implication, appear very community focussed and reasonable. They are aware of the Redrow and other applications and the objections from the community. They admitted that they fearful of ‘missing the boat’ if they wait for the full LDP process (the site has been submitted to Flintshire as a potential LDP candidate site now).

They are looking at a continuation of the line of the Meadowslea houses, connecting them to the road but no further down the hill (see map).

They are aware that we have objected, on principle, to any planning applications that come ahead of the LDP process, irrespective of their content, as set out in the Penyffordd Place Plan (if you haven't signed up to it yet please do it now, we just need your name and address - email

In spite of our position, they are keen to ensure that the development, if built, fits in with the community and causes the least harm. We discussed the proposal in detail and they listened to our concerns for neighbouring residents and the needs of the wider village.

As soon as the proposal plans come through with the detail, we will make sure they are shared and we can provide detailed feedback.

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