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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Proposed Flats for Rhos Rd

In front of Mr Heaton's house........

The question being would you want a set of flats instead of a nice green field if you lived there?
A strange proposed development.

A bit like me wanting flats up the garden.........


  1. Would you like help drawing up some plans Colin?

    1. Looking at the link above I'd say they are all done. The development ticks most of the boxes. Small, a needed development for senior residents, within village boundaries.

  2. We don't have the facilities for this development. More people using the pharmacy, the Spar, etc...Oh and we still don't have our own doctor's surgery!

    1. Don't see many queues at the pharmacy :) I may be wrong about the proposed development being within the settlement boundary. I personally don't want to see any further developments but one has to be pragmatic. If we don't control development they (FCC and developers) will walk all over us. IMO The Spar will be fixed when the new primary school is built.

  3. Quote From
    Read it read it again this is not for old people they are retirement apartment's totally different homes. More than likely two or three stories high and not bungalows.


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