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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Welsh MP's and Brexit

They just don't like democracy.

Lets keep voting till we get the right result.

To paraphrase former President Obama " Brexit won, deal with it"


  1. 52% of those that voted - voted to leave. Thats only 36% of the electorate. Now, the govt is insisting that public sector strikes are illegal if less than 40% of those eligible vote, actually vote...if you carry that logic through.....referendum has no legitimacy....come to that, neither do most MP's who are elected with less than 40% of the electorate! Who says democracy works!!

  2. You have a point up to a point. Everyone had a chance to vote.
    We are not affected here by a lot that goes on in denser UK populations. I'm personally against multiculturism. If you want laws the same as your homeland, please return home. The EU is nothing but dictatorship by committee. I'm basically Conservative, Cameron did us proud, got us the result he didn't want. We stuffed him, a democratic outcome.


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