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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Construction News - More attacks on the village

I saw 2 workmen with fluoro's theodolites on the corner of the field below Meadowslea the other day. I thought strange. Forgot to pass it on........

Tonight it's all over Facebook. When asked workmen said they were going to build housing. A local farmer rents fields. Property owner is based overseas apparently.


  1. An ex village resident28 Oct 2017, 09:26:00

    Can't get rid of the one good venue for sledging on a snowy day! Although I don't remember ever seeing much farming going on on it. If we're talking about the one on tbe left next to the road as you go up the Vownog?

  2. You are correct. That's the one I'm talking about. Within the village we now have people who are very intelligent, committed with full knowledge of planning law to keep our village as a village and not an urban sprawl. Penyffordd district has never been in such a strong position. Welsh Assembly Government pay close attention to Penyffordd as we have adopted their blue print for communities in Wales.


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