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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Last Night's Meeting

A very well attended meeting. Standing room only at the back. The future options for the community were put before those that were present. Good to see support from Dobshill.

A very well presented meeting with projection slides and explanations of what action needs to be taken. Lots of questions from community members present.

Penyffordd District is fighting over development. Flintshire are planning to build twice as many houses over the next 15 years than are needed ( more on this later ).
We are building for Chester which is against Welsh Law, this must stop.

Good to see County Cllrs Cindy Hinds and David Williams at the meeting.
It would have been good to see Penyffordd Community Cllrs at the meeting even though they had their monthly meeting in the Institute.

What are Penyffordd Community Council doing to prevent the proposed building onslaught?
Will have to look at their website.

Only problem being last night's council meeting minutes will appear in a months time..........
This setup is 20th century and not acceptable in present times with events happening by the week.


  1. Penyffordd Community councillors can not be in two places at once. If they had attended that meeting then there would of not been a quorum at the council meeting. In answer to your question as to what the community council are doing there is not a lot that they can do until the planning application is heard. We as a council have written to the County Council asking that the application be thrown out. Can you please publish on your site that starting on the 1st of April there will be a service to the Surgery at Buckley. This will consist of an 8 seater mini bus pick up points will be Vounog Hill Bistre Close St Johns Church Penyymynydd and Dobshill.I will advise you of the times when the County Council confirm them

    1. Hi David, thanks for the response. I'm told that leaving stuff until the planning application is heard is too late. Saying that you say the Community Council has objected. Is the objection letter online? Or is a copy available for residents to view?


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