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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

192 Redrow houses update

Just an update on Redrow appeal.

The planning inspectorate are carrying out further investigations regarding the application, and on completion of these, residents and those who put objections in will be notified of a start date for the appeal.

Cllr David Williams


  1. They'll happen - there's a shortage of housing in Flintshire and the Welsh Gov & FCC will want this to go through. All this floundering is only delaying the inevitable. Hopefully FCC will then start to invest in the area then once the 106 & community sums go through so they can upgrade the village infrastructure properly.

  2. We're overdeveloped. More upgrades more houses. So we end up like all the local urban sprawls. The aims of the village have been recorded the majority are against further development. The 192 development goes against WAG laws.


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