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Friday, June 19, 2015

Penyffordd LDP Candidate Pen041 Collateral Damage

This is a candidate site put forward by a Penyffordd Cllr. The objective is to clear the way for the new Ysgol Penyffordd Primary School.
A candidate site is a suggestion only. Flintshire planners put candidate sites before Flintshire councils to accept, disagree. Then a process begins. Our councillors past committee minutes in April 2015 on over 40 candidate sites in Penyffordd district. The persons who put forward candidate sites are currently unavailable. I have asked for the representee list for Penyffordd. I am awaiting a reply from Gareth Owens, Monitoring Officer for Flintshire County Council.

* It should be noted that Flintshire Planning have advised me that Pen041 is to be withdrawn. This does not let off Penyffordd Councillors who also want to close The Spar the only shop in the village.
The red dots are homes, allotments, play areas, parts of a commercial going concern, all weather children's play area. All these areas would be leveled to the floor, destroyed.

7 Penyffordd Cllrs voted for Pen041 to happen.

Below I approximate house and land values. Its just a guide.
Most of the land and building would be subject to a compulsory purchase order.
Whether values would be at a premium or a discount I have no idea.
Edit - The Wiki below explains well.
A judge might not allow the compulsory sale of the homes.

1. £450,000
2. £300,000
3. £300,000
4. £800,000 edited to £1,150,000
5. £0
6. £75,000
7. FCC owned
8. FCC owned
9. £100,000

Grand Total of Compensation  £2,025,000 approx edited to £2.375 million
excluding agricultural land

4. Static caravans price are based on prices of static caravans in Llay
Zoopla say £90,000 so I'll say 80k each for Millstone Mobile Home
edited to £115,000 each
5. Don't know how many allotments there are, don't know how to value them.
6. PACA paid for the MUGA (multi games area ) with donations and fund raising I think
can't find anything on my blog search I'll say £75,000
9. How do you value part of a pub that is useful? I can't I'm guessing.
10. Land values not added.


1. Why did Flintshire County Council Planners grant this 
candidate the light of day?

2. Why is a single static caravan allowed to remain?
( see last caravan on the right )

3. Why did 7 Penyffordd community councillors vote for it?


  1. Anyone any clue on the mysteries?

  2. Further if we add The Spar to the list of destruction. What compensation for closure of that? Shall we say a £1,000,000. So that £3,000,000 compensation for Pen035 and Pen041. Would any one wish to confirm I talk pants and if so on what grounds?

  3. Zoopla values the homes at millstone at ~£115k - I guess this is because they are privately owned unlike the guys at llay who pay ground rent and own nothing other than the unit.
    Interestingly the land they propose to forcefully steal (pen041) works out to be approx 14acres. In comparison, castell alun high school sits on just 9 acres, abermorddu primary & infant school sits 3.2 acres and the current penyffordd infant school is on 1.7acres, if you were to include the barely used football pitch next to it it would add up to 5 acres, more than adequate!
    I for one will be voting for a change, we can't have people like this calling the shots


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