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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Councillors Communicating (or not)

Something you don't see much of around here, councilors with telephone numbers on display.

No Penyffordd councilor details on the Post Office notice board, no councilor details on our £600 councilor website front page. ( edit its along the top one click away) ( further edit fir trees got in the way)

Treat the peasants like mushrooms, do all the important stuff off councillor minutes.

Cllrs Hinds, Williams and Vidamour  emails can be found if you look carefully.

As far as I am aware all councilors have email or access to email they just don't want you bothering them.

keywords MI5, masonic.

postscript: After a telling off from Clerk Sarah I give you Penyffordd Councillor contact details. 


  1. Hi Colin

    You are aware of the size of the noticeboard and the information already displayed. I hope you can appreciate there is limited space on not everything can be included on there. As a Clerk all my contact details are displayed for anyone to be able to contact me at their convenience.

    Although Councillors contact details are not on the front page of our website, they are easily accesssible and not hidden in any way. The contact details are for all Councillors and not just Cllrs Hinds, Williams and Vidamour as you have stated, their details vary from a telephone number, address or email (or in some cases all).

    I hope that this has cleared the matter.

    Sarah Hughes, Clerk & RFO Penyffordd Community Council

  2. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for the detailed comment.
    Can you send me a link where councillors details are?
    I did look before posting
    When the site makeover is done I hope contact details can be at the top instead of buried, best wishes Colin

  3. Ok Sarah I've found them thanks

  4. Those minutes makes interesting reading, re: unauthorised use of the restricted section of Penymynydd Rd.

    Being a relative newcomer to the village (I've lived here just under 20 years) I am aware that the use of this section of road has been an ongoing issue since the Well House Estate was opened, so its not a recent issue.

    What is interesting, are the comments by the PCSO that it's difficult to enforce?

    I simply don't buy that!

    An unmarked car strategically placed between 0730 / 0900 and 1630/1800 would soon make people realise that their habits need to change - given the amount of traffic that uses the road, I'm sure a profit on the officer/s time could be worthwhile and could go back into community funds.

    1. You make a valid point about policing the traffic restriction on Penymynydd Rd a major route to school. This has been ongoing for about 30 years. NWP have issued tickets in the past. With the exception of Gosafe, NWP have retired from many functions with regards traffic. Last year NWP handed over illegal traffic parking to Flintshire County Council. We now have a traffic warden who patrols the village, parking on pavements and yellow lines in the day should be avoided. When the new houses were built was a good time to block the end of the road, problem being Emergency Services need access. Perhaps housing space won the day.

  5. When we getting rid of those fir trees on the web site councilors?


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