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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Animal, Mineral or Vegetable?

I was going to do a cartoon series called Bulldozer Dave but this has been over ruled by the executive.

So instead I'll discuss this which is in the garden. I've walked fields and woods for 50 years and never seen this. I have two samples of it in the garden. First I thought it was a catapillar until I accidentally snapped off a piece.

It's a nettle fungus called nettle rust or Puccinia Urticata.

The French are very big about nettles. They use it as a fertiliser and even a herbicide. It fills the plant with nitrogen and kills it. The silly EU tried to ban the French from disseminating information about nettles. A move prompted by Big Agri who don't like people having stuff for free. You have to use their costly poisons that buggers everything up.

Of course the French being as the French are took plenty of no notice. We could do with a little French spirit within the village.

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