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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Congratulations to our new Penyffordd Community Councillor David Walker

Well done David on being co opted on to Penyffordd Community Council.

Many thanks for making a comment on the blog on political relationships within Penyffordd.
I admit I know nothing about you except from a comment made that your are a friend of County Cllr David Williams.

When 9 out of 10 cllrs have to to stand as Independent, due to Conservatism being out of fashion in Flintshire one has to make groupings.
I have made the mistake of grouping you with the Red Lion Independents.

I am sorry.

I have edited you to being just Independent.

I presume you will be standing next year 2016. I will also presume that you will publish and deliver all your own Penyffordd Cllr candidate literature and will not be on the same sheet as Cllr David Williams or any other . I stood in 2008 and 2012. My wife helped me deliver my leaflets.
At today's rates I think printing leaflets for our area in the region of £300.
Not too bad going and you get to be called councillor and get your ear bent down the pub for free.
Nothing like a few pints of Stella and discussing village issues.

You should also take a good look at electoral law. One of the times I stood I forgot to put on my leaflet that I had published the leaflet myself. A Penyffordd Councillor complained to Colin Everett who then sent North Wales CID  ( yes the police ) to interview me under caution. You should be ok though being one of the Penyffordd Borg. Only Cindy has not been assimilated.

I will be able to check on your expenses to stand as councillor after the election with the Returning Officer Colin Everett, CEO of Flintshire County Council.

The £300 comes out of your own pocket, you should also know that being a community councillor costs you money and time. There is no salary and no expenses. No watching Liverpool on a Wednesday night. Such is the sacrifice necessary in the service of our fellow Penyfforddians.

I think it unfair to to ask you about LDP Pen041, you have been thrown in the very deep end.

I will say this to Penyffordd Community Council if you as a council  think you passed LDP candidate suggestion Pen041 by mistake you are living in cloud cuckoo land. The village won't fall for that line.
We are not all sheep.

I will answer all your points shortly
This is a test to your Independency.

With regards LDP Pen035 which Penyffordd Community Council voted to bulldoze the The Spar and build houses on it.
Would you like to explain why you as a councillor voted to close one of Penyffordd's most valued assets?
I can't find any minutes discussing this major decision.


  1. The impending lack of a Sunday bus service is equally as serious as PEN041 and PEN035 Colin, not to change the subject or anything..

    1. This is not an impending lack of a Sunday bus service this has actually happened and as far as I am aware without any notification

  2. Lack of Sunday Bus Service is equitable to the loss of 13 homes, play areas, allotments, the only shop in the village, taking half a pub's land?

  3. The compensation of which would run to over £3 million pound. This does not include the human element. Let's get back to the question I have asked David.

  4. Well some people think so. Not me, i was being sarcastic in my previous post.

  5. I should add the the current Pen041 has now been removed so people no longer need to be anxious. Pen035 Penyfforddians your thoughts?

  6. I should add Pen035 voted by Penyffordd Community Council to destroy the only shop in the village

  7. One hopes you Cllr David Walker don't mind a touch of lightness in the discussion. I mean no offence to you perhaps you won't get assimilated.

  8. Oh Forgot to mention David that both my wife Lisa and I stood for council in 2008. We received a blackmail threat through the letter box being advised not to stand or else. Still got it somewhere keep meaning to frame it and put it on the wall. NWP wouldn't take action. See one rule for some an done rule for others. I wanted hand writing samples from various people but the bobby refused.
    Such is life. Bear this in mind when you sit around the committee table. Perhaps it was Penyffordd's Machiavelli playing games. We will never know.

  9. So I get no answer about why you voted to close the Spar and build houses on the site. The Spar a good shop, an asset to the village, the only shop in the village.
    Welcome to public scrutiny in the digital age.

  10. I intend to contact The Spar head office over this.


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