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Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Penyffordd Primary School Plans

Apparently Ysgol Penyffordd School plans have been drawn up for LDP site PEN041.
I was going to ask Flintshire County Council who drew up the plans, were they subcontract and how much did they cost?

It appears FCC did not draw up the plans. I am told Ysgol Penyffordd were surprised at their introduction, they knew nothing about them.

I am told FCC will not release the name of individual / company that drew up the plans at present

All those who have made suggestions as to the future of Penyffordd should be in the public domain. How many of our aspirants are house/school building companies?

All this has certain finger prints attached to it.


  1. I should say to Ysgol School and governors that I as a ratepayer aspire to the best education and place of education for Penyffordd district children. The human cost and waste of established village resources of PEN041 was / is too high. I think the site still holds promise but in a modified form.

  2. a certain somebody commissioned an architect friend to draw up the plans, of his own volition, non of the other school governors knew....nor the school.......this is one mans mission.......the fact that it protects the red lion pitch is immaterial!!!!! and if you believe that...


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