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Friday, June 12, 2015

Millstone Pub Area Site - New Primary School

An email to Flintshire County Council


I wish to have details of the candidate site surrounding the Millstone Pub
which I have been told has been earmarked for a new primary school.

1. Is the earmarked development for a primary school on the area including the Millstone definite?

2. Will you supply plans for the proposed Primary School?

3. Have any Penyffordd representatives been involved in the above proposal, if so who?
Many thanks

Colin Hughes ( address redacted)


Dear Mr Hughes

Thank you for your email regarding candidate sites. Explanatory information about what candidate sites are, as well as the complete register of sites (including maps) is available on the Council's website. However, given you specific query I have attached a pdf plan of the site you refer to.

I also need to clarify what seems to be your impression that candidate sites have been proposed by the Council - they are not. The Council made a 'call for sites' last year allowing anyone with an interest in requesting land for consideration as part of the LDP process, to make a representation. These sites simply represents people's aspirations therefore, and there is no weight or certainty assigned to them at this stage by the Council. Indeed they are going through an assessment exercise at present.

It would also have been useful to have know from whom you received the information as again you have been misled into thinking that the Council has plans for a school on this site - it has not.

A candidate site was received for the land as you say surrounding the Millstone pub and as shown on the attached plan, with a request that it be considered as a site for a new school. As I say this is just the expressed aspiration of the representee and is not a Council proposal. Unfortunately due to data protection rules I cannot disclose who made the representation to you. However, I can say that I have been made aware this week the the representee has submitted this land in error, and I am currently awaiting formal notice from them of their intention to withdraw the candidate site. When they do so, the Council will not consider this site any further.

I hope that I have answered your query.

Name ( redacted )

Planning Strategy Officer
Flintshire County Council

Further Information & Contacts For further assistance on the Candidate Sites process or the LDP in general please email or contact the LDP helpline on 01352 703213


  1. It's not over till the fat lady sings but...... I think Penyffordd needs to thank the commenter for bringing this to the fore.

  2. I wonder if the representee withdrew the proposal once news got out and was publicised on this website??? Who is/was the representee and what was their motive...surely a private individual cannot do this.....the owner of the caravan park....why would they lose revenue.....the owners of the Millstone....not having pumped so much money time and effort into their new business....which leaves.....the owners of the play area and allotments..........what are we not being told by whom????????????

  3. You raise important points. To be a representee do you have to own the land or can you just drink down at The Red Lion?

  4. Further: I would have thought FCC own the playing area. I know who owns / owned the allotments. The new Millstone people would not have committed such resources without guarantee's or ownership. Perhaps someone will clarify?

  5. April Community Council Minutes - 172. Declarations of interest
    Declarations of interest were received from Cllrs Hinds in respect of Candidate Site
    PEN011 and Cllr Weed PEN014. IT WAS RESOLVED Cllrs Hinds would not
    comment on PEN011 and Cllr Weed would not comment on PEN014. The Clerk will
    arrange for completion of the required paperwork and forward to the Monitoring
    Officer, FCC.

  6. April Community Council LDP Special Minutes - Pen041
    Land rear of Millstone Park,
    Pyf Agricultural School - No objections ---------------- So the Penyffordd Community Council were for the new school with a sacrifice of residents homes, allotments, a thriving pub business, people's jobs.

  7. An ex village resident13 Jun 2015, 10:30:00

    I should think it is quite possible to be a representee without being the owner of the land. After all, it's quite possible to submit a full planning application for land you have no control over, as you can see in the following link

    Did you explain that you had seen the proposal in the community council papers? It's not hard to understand why people would think that gives it credence is it?

  8. Mr X I think you are correct, I too have read this somewhere. I don't think I need to explain where the information came from. It's either fact or not. In this case it's fact. I thought I had half an idea who the commenter was who alerted me to the issue. This morning I have changed my mind. Anonymous comments are welcome. Personal insults or personal criticism should include a name or will be removed.

  9. the list of suspects gets narrower......Cindy is after all a great supporter of the allotments. Wake up people of Penyffordd...look what your apathy is achieving ...a Community council that blindly accepts a ridiculous set of plans that rips the heart out of our community, destroys the only truly communal green area in the village and votes it all through... We need fresh blood on the community council, younger people to reflect the changing demographic....don't stand by and watch this self serving bunch further ruin our community - stand up!

  10. we have two county is a fan of the allotments, one wants to protect the full size football pitch behind infants school - which given its size is the obvious site for a new village school.


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