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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Penyffordd Community Council Minutes March 2015 Extract regarding Penyffordd LDP

You know I can go a week without finding anything Penyffordd to write about then.......
My problem being I rarely look at the Penyffordd Council site due to issues over the last 3 years on how its being managed.
145. Flintshire Local Development Plan – Candidate Sites Cllr Williams circulated an email on 3rd March with an A4 map detailing candidate sites for the LDP. He and the Clerk had also received a pack including an outlined map of each individual candidate site. Cllr Williams advised that FCC have asked for views of elected members by 20 April 2015.

Due to the short timescale of receiving the information it was resolved for the Cllrs to consider the sites and be carried forward for discussion on next month’s agenda. Cllr Williams will contact Andy Roberts to request a digital copy of the pack to enable him to email to all other Cllrs.



  1. So David's running the show and its all a big rush job. Doesn't look like David's fault, well not that bit, looks FCC driven. The future of Penyffordd.
    Jobs, homes, livelihoods, play areas, allotments all cast aside for a shiny bright new primary school

  2. Who was the guiding light over all this in Penyffordd Community Council? Well it wasn't Cllr David Walker he only started April. I nominate Cllr Tom Jones OBE. Perhaps someone who knows will confirm or deny. Perhaps Tom will come forward I know he reads the blog. You will notice no minutes on LDP discussion. This follows a certain modus operandi over the years. Perhaps LDP discussion minutes are somewhere I haven't looked properly

  3. Declaration of Interest. I went to college with Cllr David Williams in the 1970's

  4. Further Declaration of Interest. I don't drink in The Red Lion because I can't afford to drink in a pub, there are one or two in there who don't like me because I've attempted to stop them hammering through the village on the way to work. I get snide comments occasionally if I mention speeding. I don't know the new owners of The Millstone, I haven't been in it since the change of ownership, the food looks good, the carpark is full some days of the week, that says something.

  5. Final Declaration of Interest
    My wife and I stood for community council in 2008. My wife received a blackmail note advising her not to stand. NWP would not take action. Who would want my wife not to stand? I have an idea or maybe it was Penyffordd's Machiavelli being clever.
    I also stood for community council in 2012. Got beat by the statue at the end of the road. (joke)
    I will not be standing in 2016. The current councillors have let the community down badly I see no brightness at the end of the tunnel. The fact that not one councillor was allowed to have a different view shows the sickness within our local democracy.


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