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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Penyffordd Development Plan - Ripping the Heart out of the Village?

The following comment has been repeated on this blog

" nothing about the county development plan and all the proposed development sites....which are now confirmed as going in to the county plan and that does mean compulsory purchase of the Mill Stone, the Caravan park, the removal of the allotments and play area to make way for a new single site school.....the plans have now been seen by our county councillors.........where is the debate and public consultation????? "


  1. I've asked the Clerk to the Penyffordd Council if the above scenario has been discussed in council and which county dept has the definitive detail of plan.

    1. Have you had the letter pushed through the door from Dee Water Valley about "Intensive Flushing Of Water Mains". AGAIN. 12 June -22 June. 11.00pm - 7.00 am

    2. Yes I have, its on my desk in front of me, tx for the heads up.


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