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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Comments with regards a New Primary School Site

1. the list of suspects gets narrower......Cindy is after all a great supporter of the allotments. Wake up people of Penyffordd...look what your apathy is achieving ...a Community council that blindly accepts a ridiculous set of plans that rips the heart out of our community, destroys the only truly communal green area in the village and votes it all through... We need fresh blood on the community council, younger people to reflect the changing demographic....don't stand by and watch this self serving bunch further ruin our community - stand up!

2. namely the current infant school with the huge football pitch behind it.......oh wait.....i see now why a site at the heart of the village was nominated....ruin businesses, destroy up £000000's in the all weather games area, children's park, allotments......must protect the full size football pitch that is only used by one set of stakeholders!

3. we have two county is a fan of the allotments, one wants to protect the full size football pitch behind infants school - which given its size is the obvious site for a new village school.

4. I should think it is quite possible to be a representee without being the owner of the land. After all, it's quite possible to submit a full planning application for land you have no control over, as you can see in the following link
Did you explain that you had seen the proposal in the community council papers? It's not hard to understand why people would think that gives it credence is it?


  1. I can't believe that someone who is suggesting Pen041 can stay secret. Data Protection Act my elbow.

  2. allotment holders, caravan park tenants, families of children who use park and MUGA, Millstone pub regulars, empoyees and owners...remember that your community council voted in favour of referencing your land for development....let them know your anger now....act at the next election

  3. The pyf councillors should be ashamed of themselves for passing this candidate site. No objections either? Absolutely ridiculous. The perfect site for the 'new school' is the existing infant school, there is more than enough land, it's a no brainer. Furthermore I see that one of the candidate sites is the playing fields / football pitch of said school, and that is proposed to be protected, hmm, something is going on here... developers and money maybe, pub wars maybe, who knows.
    I'd look forward to seeing who proposed this site, i'll put money on it that it is no one affected, the millstone pub is thriving and has achieved the top20 of tripadvisor best places to eat in chester - they hadn't bought the place when the proposition was put forward. The millstone park home site is owned by the residents and none of them would consider this, park is council property and allotments are privately owned but on a lease to the council i expect.
    You are right, all my faith has been lost the councillors after reading this - they are obviously motivated by something other than the best interests of the community. It is time for a change


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