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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FCC reply to my questions on LDP Candidate Representee's and Councillor personal interests

Dear Mr Hughes

The list of people putting forward candidate sites for the LDP is not published by the council. The documents submitting each candidate site are available for inspection at the council offices should you wish.

Councillors are required to declare a personal interest where the matter under debate at a council meeting would affect their well being to a greater extent than other taxpayers in their ward. Having done so they can continue to take part and vote on issues. If that interest is so significant that it is likely to prejudice their ability to judge the public interest then they must declare a prejudicial interest and not participate. I would expect that if someone simply attends a pub it would fall into the former rather than the latter category.

Cllr Williams tells me that PEN041 has been withdrawn by the applicant and so the council will likewise withdraw its support - I think it was marked in the wrong place on the map when it was submitted.

I trust this answers your questions

edit : officer's name redacted


  1. Interesting. Marked in the wrong place hey? Not sure i believe that considering the how precisely some of the borders are marked out. I'd like to see where it was intended for if it actually is the case, and also i wonder whether a new amended 041 will be submitted in due course.
    Good work Colin, your persistence in this matter is commendable.

  2. I note that in 1 of your earlier posts you have me down as a member of the Red Lion Independent Party does this membership come with free beer. It is quite obvious that you don't know me as residents of Penyffordd that do know me know full well were my political beliefs are.
    Point No 2 There were two applications for the vacant post I did not notice your name as the other one. Any one can go on a blog and ridicule peoples efforts. I am a great believer in if you feel there is so much wrong then get involved and try and fix it that is why I applied.
    There are other issues that have just as serious implications to the residents of Penyffordd I have searched through your blog and I don't appear to have come across them so let me draw your attention
    The decision to withdraw the Sunday Bus Service
    There is 1 bus that leaves Penyffordd at 8-40 to Chester after that residents who wish to board a bus to Chester or Mold have to walk to Cross Farm to board it. To return home residents have to board a bus to Wrexham then board a train to Penyffordd. First direct service to Penyffordd leaves Mold at 8-00 in the evening Chester 9-00 in the evening. Residents have to walk from Buckley Cross to attend Buckley Medical Center or go by taxi because at the moment ARRIVA REFUSE TO REROUTE THE BUSES. Now this may not not affect you as you maybe fortunate enough to be a car owner but it does affect a lot of residents in the village.

  3. An ex village resident24 Jun 2015, 10:55:00

    As you might gather from my username, I am not directly affected by these issues any more, but in Colin's defence I must say that if you think he has never discussed the issue of health centre access, that you haven't read very long or tried very hard to search.

    1. An ex village resident24 Jun 2015, 11:02:00

      Perhaps try typing the following into a Google search box....

      "health centre" site:

      searches for the term "health centre" on this site, rather than anywhere.

      Also try "medical centre" as well. Plenty of entries. Oh, also "surgery" as a term as well.


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