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Monday, June 22, 2015

Pen041 Councillor Vandalism - Further Detail in Comments brought to the top

"Zoopla values the homes at Millstone at ~£115k - I guess this is because they are privately owned unlike the guys at Llay who pay ground rent and own nothing other than the unit.
Interestingly the land they propose to forcefully steal (Pen041) works out to be approx 14 acres. In comparison, Castell Alun high school sits on just 9 acres, Abermorddu primary & infant school sits 3.2 acres and the current Penyffordd infant school is on 1.7acres, if you were to include the barely used football pitch next to it it would add up to 5 acres, more than adequate!

I for one will be voting for a change, we can't have people like this calling the shots."


Many thanks for that. I will up the £3 million pound + of compensation require to build the new Penyffordd Primary School.

There is the human cost which cannot be calculated in £'s sterling

1 comment:

  1. I spoke to someone this morning who I respect who knew nothing of the Pen041 proposals.
    Time to move up a gear.


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