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Monday, June 15, 2015

Further LDP Candidate Comment

"The pyf councillors should be ashamed of themselves for passing this candidate site. No objections either? Absolutely ridiculous. The perfect site for the 'new school' is the existing infant school, there is more than enough land, it's a no brainer. Furthermore I see that one of the candidate sites is the playing fields / football pitch of said school, and that is proposed to be protected, hmm, something is going on here... developers and money maybe, pub wars maybe, who knows.
I'd look forward to seeing who proposed this site, i'll put money on it that it is no one affected, the millstone pub is thriving and has achieved the top20 of tripadvisor best places to eat in chester - they hadn't bought the place when the proposition was put forward. The millstone park home site is owned by the residents and none of them would consider this, park is council property and allotments are privately owned but on a lease to the council i expect.
You are right, all my faith has been lost the councillors after reading this - they are obviously motivated by something other than the best interests of the community. It is time for a change."


  1. You can see how succesful the Millstone is by looking at the car park at weekends. How can councillors who patronise The Red Lion vote for the Millstone to be knocked down. It's one of those vested interests. No Penyffordd Cllr admitted to a vested interest in the Millstone candidate site before passing minutes. All talk about PEN041 (Millstone site) was done off record, off minutes, this should not be allowed. They should have all been drug/drink tested after the vote. It's interesting that 3 councillors chose not to attend. The allotment land was /is owned by a local scrap dealer. I'm under the impression Penyffordd Area Community Association run it / own it.

  2. Talking about change I've written to all the local press calling for change, whether they publish my letter is up to them. I've also written to the Penyffordd Council Clerk Sarah asking which candidate sites Penyffordd Council suggested.

  3. i too noticed that the football pitch at the infants school has been referenced for protection and voted on by our community council. Who thinks it's ok to protect a football pitch used by one team every other week instead of a successful thriving pub, a childrens play park, a multi use games area, a small childrens football pitch, a dozen allotments, a caravan park and a house? Someone who has a vested interest, who doesn't have the community needs in mind...someone who should hang their head in shame. If is is one of our elected representatives, they should be named and shamed and resign or be hounded out. Looking at all the plots referenced its obvious that there is a lot of vested self interest and not much community interest going on. This village has seen too much development, much of it poor quality and having a negative impact on the community and our local reps have stood by and done nothing. disgrace....time for change penyffordd


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