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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LDP Comment - Brought to the top

"I too noticed that the football pitch at the infants school has been referenced for protection and voted on by our community council. Who thinks it's ok to protect a football pitch used by one team every other week instead of a successful thriving pub, a childrens play park, a multi use games area, a small childrens football pitch, a dozen allotments, a caravan park and a house? Someone who has a vested interest, who doesn't have the community needs in mind...someone who should hang their head in shame. If is is one of our elected representatives, they should be named and shamed and resign or be hounded out. Looking at all the plots referenced its obvious that there is a lot of vested self interest and not much community interest going on. This village has seen too much development, much of it poor quality and having a negative impact on the community and our local reps have stood by and done nothing. disgrace....time for change Penyffordd."

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  1. If you apply for planning permission your name and address go into the public domain. If you're making suggestions about the future shape of Penyffordd Community your name and company if there is one should also be in the public domain. I've got a council officer here telling me names are protected by the Data Protection Act. I think this is wrong, I intend to test this. ALL candidate nominees should be named as well as any organisations they represent. I'd ask a councillor for advice but.........................


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