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Friday, October 26, 2007

Wheel falls off Tractor entering village just before children leave school

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Why are we allowing dangerous farm vehicles driving at their maximun speeds through our village centre? A wheel such as this is capable of killing someone if it comes off a tractor whilst in the village. This farmers vehicles require a safety check.

Penyffordd passengers forced to stay on bus for maybe 30 - 45 mins even though the live just to the left of the photo. Bus driver would not let them leave bus. Apparently some of the girls were dying to go to the loo.

It looks like they are putting the wheel back on that fell off the trailer whilst coming into the village just before junior school go home. These tractors have been hammering through the village at their maximum speed. Over a 100 journeys a day.

There seems to be immense pressure on them to do the fields as quickly as possible. They show no respect for the village whatosever. Just how much money they will make. The farmer who runs this operation needs to be brought to book before someone is seriously injured or killed by these reckless tractor drivers.

County Councillor David Williams has had complaints from villagers up the Vounog as well as myself. These tractors have been flying through the village showing no consideration for anyone who gets in their way.

They abuse the Highway Code with regards right of way passed parked cars. They appear to think they have this god given right to plough through the village.

Councillor Williams has also been cut up by the tractors himself.

Councillor Williams has made representations to Inspector Alun Oldfield with regards the farmers' employees conduct in the village.

I finish with the following thought. Why should farmers vehicles that use the roads not have MOT's ?

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