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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A reply to an email from David Williams

Hi David,
Apols for this one being less than 24 hours.
The reason for this constant bombardment is my continuing frustration that nothing is being done with regards to 2000 speeding cars that trash the middle of the village daily. Also no one tells me anything.

I am dissappointed at the moment at Colin Everett, I thought he might make a difference to "old" Flintshire County Council. Perhaps he is being stopped from acting by the forces of politics. I thought he would have extracted favourable terms to run this broken down council. Perhaps I give him too little time. Being in the private sector I can do things instantly.

Yes I have loads of time to do what I want. I have made it that way. Today I am playing golf at Conway the weather although dull may brighten up. I have also been lucky enough to secure work that is the best job in the world to me.

I will not be standing for County Councillor, I wouldn't get in. On the other hand I will not be standing idily by if Colin Bithell CC thinks an extra 30 mph sign, half a rumble strip and the promise of a flashy sign is going to stop the daily rubbish passed my house.

His quote at a community meeting " We have done all we can!" is breathtaking in its stupidity and ignorance.

He has no idea at all, or he does know what he is doing and he knows it is not in Chester Rd's best interests. It looks from here that he works for Flintshire Highways.

Penyffordd Village centre should be tied down. 20 mph outside the Post Office, no ripping out the village at 50 mph.
No flying into the village at 50 and 60 mph.

Our village should be a peaceful centre against this road chaos that is going to double and treble in the next 5 years.

Flintshire County Council need to be stopped in their ambition to keep Penyffordd in their county road network. I find their current non action disgraceful.
North Wales Police are not far behind, although I hope Inspector Alun Oldfield will make a difference.
kindest regards Colin
Penyffordd District.

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