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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Now in force. One Way Penymynydd Rd near St John's primary Penymynydd

Police are stopping drivers flouting the new rules, they are issuing on the spot fines.


  1. An ex village resident21 Sep 2016, 07:42:00

    Oh, that's interesting. I guess it's now no entry to turn in off main road opposite the school?

    It was always supposed to be residents access only beyond the entrance to Green Park at the top of the road "when I were a lad". Always rumoured that someone was watching for transgressors, but nobody ever actually seemed to get done for it...

    Things obviously move slowly.

  2. Hi, ex village. Yes you are correct. They should have blocked it off and made all traffic go through the new estate. There are two Facebook groups about Penyffordd. Yesterday someone off one of the groups spotted a resident of that area breaking the law. The law has always been applied sporadically. I remember people getting booked there 20 years ago, the bobbies have booked at least 2 people since the new system was put in place. There's absolutely no truth in the rumour that a well known member of the community got the no access applied because they lived there. :)


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