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Friday, September 16, 2016

A Rant from Cllr David Williams in emails

Thursday night? Must be Red Lion night.  :)

Perhaps try  this below David?

Perhaps try this test David as well?


  1. The comment to which you took offence was a fishing expedition, I couldn't be bothered looking through Penyffordd Council minutes that are a month behind anyway. What's always concerned me is council looking at an issue, firing a letter off to Shire Hall, job done, not always the case but I never see cllrs writing to local newspapers. Perhaps its against protocol, it never seemed to stop Cllr Tony Sharps (Northop Hall ) though.

  2. Further I should mention that David is a very important person for the village in the coming months. He is our elected member for FCC and has important work to do.

  3. Perhaps I can be the unofficial monitoring officer for the village. As you've recently told me you're well known at Shire Hall to the FCC monitoring officer. :)


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