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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Mobile Phone 4G O2 bottom of Penymynydd Rd/ Chester Rd now functioning

I noticed the other day I get 4G in the garden and some parts of the house. This new for us.

Wifi in our house is in my office. I've turned ours off as its situated in my office. Its akin to sitting in microwave cooker. ( well slightly)

Radio frequency affects humans at a cellular level, its not good for you. ie carrying your phone around all day in your pocket.

In USA technicians have to work on micro wave equipment which is turned on. The rates of leukemia and other cancers in these technicians is rising

Google Dr Jack Kruse and mobile phones for proof. He usually quotes scientific research. He has a Facebook page. He's well off the planet !

I'm trying to get Lisa to distance herself from her iphone when possible. Managed to persuade her not to keep it under her pillow at night !

New iphones deal with 5 times as much radio frequency............. not good.

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