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Monday, February 08, 2016

Yesteryear - Me

Not much happening Penyffordd. At least one group in the village are protesting about Penyffordd Council blowing all the 106 money on the Institute. Looks like I need to go analogue in the Post Office ( take photo of minutes) as Penyffordd Council digital is down still.

We've been to Birkenhead Docks today. I know how to treat a girl. This is a company I joined as a junior engineering officer, 40 years ago. It's no longer in existence.

Here's a ship I was a junior on. Vertically opposed 6 cylinder Doxford diesel main engine
as big as a house. There were 12 guest rooms for paying passengers as well as capacity for general cargo. Not that big 7200 tons.

If you fancy an evening "Deep Sea"

postscript: As mentioned I've been up the Wirral. Trunk roads must be in a similar state to those in Romania and Albania. Large pot holes everywhere. Say what you like about Flintshire and Wrexham, Our roads however are a lot better.

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