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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Penyffordd Councillor who cares about speeding traffic ( the lives of Penyffordd residents which includes children )

Now there's a rarity. Stand up Cllr David Walker. David has raised the issue of having a Community Speed Watch. Looks like he's having slight trouble with the paperwork. David however is not to be put off. You will need great determination David,  Penyffordd Council hate anything to do with speeding

How about getting Gosafe on Chester Rd, David?

Each work day between 7 - 9 am there is a significant minority that hammer through the village, speed bumps or no speed bumps. Overtaking outside The Institute.

I think we should have compulsory 20 mph zones. Chester Rd, Spar, Youth Club, minimum.

What's the difference between Gosafe and Community Speed Watch?

Gosafe. - Staffed by ex servicemen who can handle themselves, locked inside a van, they have anti personnel equipment, they give people points and fines. They have the law on their side. They are anonymous, you don't know who they are or where they live

Community Speed Watch

You will be known to some of the speeding locals, speeding drivers can be idiots, Are you up for abuse ( no pepper spray for you) The way of dealing with miscreants is too long winded.
Speeding points and fines hurt.

When I was protesting against 2000+ a day speeders through Chester Rd, I got personal abuse, my car damaged twice, late night phone calls ( I'm exdirectory )
Some of my antagonists should be ashamed of themselves, yes I know who you are.

I think Community Speed Watch is all up hill in effort with little return long term.

Penyffordd Cllrs are famous for their indifference to speeders, most of them live up cul de sacs.
When I complained I was told speeding was nothing to do with the community council ( remember Tom? )

The Way Forward?

1. A big all the way across the road speed bump where Chester Rd goes 30mph coming into the village from Broughton. Also one on the Vounog and near the Spar.

2. Permanent 20 mph zones

3. Regular Gosafe visits.

4. A banning of through HGV

5. Make it unattractive as possible to use the village as a shortcut

First off get FCC to put wires across roads to assess the problem. They're so sophisticated they can even tell what type of vehicle (ie. Ford Escort) goes over them. Only problem being they do not like sharing the data. Residents are too stupid to read spreadsheets. Perhaps I should qualify that last statement. Council Officers for whatever reason do not like residents having all the information.
Perhaps Flintshire County Council have changed?


  1. We also have now many 100's of new residents pouring out of the Turkey Estate wanting a quick get away through the middle of the village. I saw a young mum late for school with child take Penymynydd Rd / Chester Rd bumps on two wheels last week.

  2. Of course you have Stevie Vaughan School Governor for Safety on your side. Pepper spray not needed :)

  3. Now that the by-pass and road to Hope is down to 40 MPH - the temptation to use the village as a short cut to Broughton is even greater - we need a village only access restriction and speed bumps all down Chester road and vaunog hill

    1. Many thanks for the comment. It would be good to see Penyffordd Community Council make a group effort. To develop a plan for the village that discourages drivers using us a short cut. We have a bypass after all.


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