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Monday, February 08, 2016

Cllr David Walker comments

"A couple of points can you point out to me were the Community Council have agreed to spend all the 106 Money on the institute or is this more hearsay. Having said that with discussions going at County Level regarding withdrawing Discretionary Rate Relief local VOLUNTARY organisations could well be glad of the institute.
Can you also point out to me how you have arrived at this figure of £400 for the council website. I am certainly not aware of this figure and I have yet to see it in the Councils accounts. I can assure you I have made several comments regarding the Website being down and I have been assured that it will soon be up and running trees and all."
Hi David,

Thanks for the communication. It's good to see.

1. All the council website designers needed was a page saying "Site currently down, will be back up shortly" It's called keeping everyone informed.

The fake fir trees are an embarrassment, perhaps the worst front page council website in UK?
The previous version was good enough. I seem to remember seeing a council minute that said the fir trees would be removed. ( about a year ago)

2. Council website costs. I await to see any figures you can find. Not sure if Clerk Sarah holds full accounts due to her short reign in the position.. I didn't draw the 400 quid out of thin air I remember reading it. If council accounts are digitized it should be possible to do a 10 second search and bring up all the costs associated with website design and running costs. Perhaps I should do an FOI?

3. 106 money for Institute. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the minutes posted on the Penyffordd Council Board  at the Post Office it is mentioned that a Penyffordd sports club is not happy with the possible allocation of 106 funds for the Institute.
Can't see it all it's on the next page hidden. ( we won't go there)

best wishes Colin

postscript: Item 3 . There are now new minutes on Council Board outside Post Office. If anyone wants to view council minutes when the Council website is down they can usually be found in the desk draw on the left of the Post Office counter near the postal scales.


  1. Maybe just me thinking conspiritory thoughts but, is it a coincidence that the website is down with no explanation just when you might need it?? Is this a permanent issue - the website being down? All very good asking questions but why is it down? And the 106?

  2. You summed it up in 1 word POSSIBLE.

  3. I have to be vague David as I do not have council minutes in my possession. One presumes a copy of the minutes resides inside the Post Office in the desk. ( not a lot of people know that )


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