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Monday, February 29, 2016

Local Transport Issues - Update

Previously I have communicated a councillor email on these pages with regards potential future plans on local public transport.

A notice based on the email was/is in the Post Office window, I had a copy put in my letter box.

I am advised that the blog contents with regards the above email which was copied verbatim are not correct so I have removed page.

The following appears to be the case.

Flintshire County Council are looking at ways to save money as Westminster are reducing budgets. In turn Welsh Assembly Government will have to reduce money given to councils.

FCC are looking at under utilised services. Local transport is one of the areas being looked at.

I am advised that

"the proposal is for the subsidy to be withdrawn for any under-utilised journeys or bus routes that are no longer cost effective."

I presume this issue will be discussed at Penyffordd Community Council meeting this coming Wednesday at 6.30 pm. You are cordially invited to attend.


  1. If the service was withdrawn, a lot of people would be stuck to get to work e.g. in Chester and mold etc. Also a lot of elderly people who cant drive and depend on the bus to do shopping or daily erands

  2. I presume this issue was discussed at council last week. I am told FCC are looking to stop funding for those bus services that are little used. I'm on a major bus route, buses have in my opinion healthy amounts of customers. There must be a few however that are economically poor value for the rate payer.


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