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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Penyffordd Community Council website is down

Perhaps someone is chopping down all those silly fir trees. I have a story but need to check my facts.
Maybe tomorrow?

postscript: maybe not, nothing like offering advice on how long site will be down, weighs stuff up really. ( pissups and breweries)

Perhaps someone has not paid internet fees?


  1. Which fir trees are you referring to Colin?

    1. Hi Sorry for being vague. I mean the back ground pictorial to the Penyffordd Community website. We are on about version 4 of the website. Previous versions were adequate. The last version for which we the rate payer had to shell out in excess of £400 included a ludicrous background which included false fir trees. Cllr David Williams was asked over a year ago to remove said fir trees. We supposedly had a new team on the case. Village life grinds on slowly....


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