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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Penyffordd Community Council Site Still Down

Perhaps its been hacked by Anonymous !

I think the explanation a bit more simple.

No explanation why site is down, all it needs is a polite note on a single web page.

Perhaps someone , perhaps a cllr might wish to enlighten why our £400 council website is down?
Perhaps its having another £400 of our money thrown at it?

You can do websites for free you know.

1 comment:

  1. A couple of points can you point out to me were the Community Council have agreed to spend all the 106 Money on the institute or is this more hearsay. Having send that with discussions going at County Level regarding withdrawing Discretionary Rate Relief local VOLUNTARY organisations could well be glad of the institute.
    Can you also point out to me how you have arrived at this figure of £400 for the council website. I am certainly not aware of this figure and I have yet to see it in the Councils accounts. I can assure you I have made several comments regarding the Website being down and I have been assured that it will soon be up and running trees and all.


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