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Friday, February 19, 2016

Hurray! Penyffordd Community Council website is back up

Including fake fir trees :( boo hoo


  1. I wrote this before looking at my emails which includes an email from Cllr David Walker who is taking over the running of council website. - I think the site should include council minutes and agendas. Councillor contact details. A forum where important matters can be aired. Penyffordd group details. Local tradesmen who want to advertise their skills and services. How's that David?

  2. David further informs that the website will be modified over the next six weeks. The current site hides too much from immediate view in my opinion.

  3. Sarah Hughes, Clerk20 Feb 2016, 16:12:00

    Afternoon Colin

    I am a little confused by your comment above, as our website, for as long as I have been with Council, does include council minutes, agendas and Councillor contact details. With regard to Penyffordd groups we have previously advised them we would welcome information, dates of events etc which we would be willing to advertise. Unfortunately, we did not receive anything.

    To view the minutes, agendas and contact details, you just need to click on:

    > Your Council & Politics
    > Community Council
    > (then chose the relevant tab)

    Hope this has helped.



  4. Hi Sarah, what I was getting at is easy to see one click solutions if I may use that terrible word. Say a navigation system on the right including agenda, minutes, councillor contact details all one click away. With regards groups in the village groups I have found similar ie. nearly no response. Perhaps council need a Facebook and Twitter presence lol Not my idea of fun.

  5. Facebook and twitter not my idea of fun either. Still awaiting an apology regarding the alleged cost of £400 for the council website.

  6. Well David.
    What was the cost of setting up the current site?
    What will be the cost of the 6 week revamp?
    Saying it didn't cost 400 notes isn't proof of anything.
    I could do an FOI to Clerk Sarah or you could inform me.

  7. I will inform you after the next meeting as questions will be asked but I think you will find we are talking £100 maximum.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Colin is it possible to put this on the blog
      YOUR LOCAL BUS SERVICE UNDER SEVERE THREAT.POSTERS WILL BE IN THE LOCAL SHOPS THURSDAY. There are proposals to completely scrap the bus service through the village. The idea is for local voluntary groups to bus people to a hub were they would be dropped off at a hub to connect with a bus on to their destination. This is due to be discussed at the community council meeting Wednesday 2nd March at the Institute 6-30 the public are allowed to attend. THIS CAN NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN


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