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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gareth Williams of Mold on long standing traffic issues in Mold

On the letters page in The Leader and most probably in The Flintshire Chronicle next week. Gareth gives a full analysis of the issues and finishes off with a suggestion that a traffic survey should be arranged in October.

Would this be a Flintshire County Council traffic survey where all data is given to concerned rate paying residents? This will be something brand new. Traffic data for Chester Rd April 2007 has been consistently denied me with the full knowledge of Penyffordd councillors with the full complicity of Flintshire Gosafe officers, road safety officers and highways officers of FCC

Gareth also mentions 20 mph zones being kicked into the long grass. We couldn't possible have 20 mph zones in Chester Rd anyway now we have returned to trunk road status. 20 cars a minute in the morning cllrs. Just a rat run for through traffic.
I'm going to put a big board saying "Penyffordd Council Rat Run. Speed as fast you like they don't care. "

Perhaps if Gareth gets back in next May he can look at the "can of worms" which is Flintshire Highways dept.

Gareth is a former deputy leader of FCC. I like the cut of his jib.


  1. Gareth is a good man has a lot going for him, we need men like this. Let us hope that next May a lot of the old brigade will be shown the door and men like Gareth will be in office.
    You see Colin you can do more good with your blog than the stupid comments that they put in The Leader, and nobody can remove them!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yes Anon, Tx for the encouragement. Flintshire could do with more political blogs. AH as far as I am aware is the only one. As you point out the blog is there for ever where letters to local newspapers never appear online and end up lighting fires. Local politicians need to sell their vision online. The Druid in Angelsey an good example even if you do not like his colours.


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