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Friday, September 16, 2011

Followed by idiot No2

Wales' carbon emissions drop 15% over past five years. (The green brigade reckon the news below is good)

"Welsh environmentalist Gordon James said the recession is likely to be playing a big role, with businesses shutting and individuals aiming to cut back on energy and vehicle fuel bills."

"He added: “Another reason carbon emissions seem to be going down is we’ve exported so much of our manufacturing to China."


Yes, Gordon so what are all our youth going through universities going to do? Sheep farm?


One presumes non of these environmentalists (muppets) has a proper job in the private sector that pays for ALL the public sector. I'm all for having a green and pleasant land but we do after all have to eat. Whose going to pay for
all the kids iPhones?

Wrexham Industrial Estate has an embarrassing amount of space for sale or rent. Warren Hall Business Park down the road hasn't started yet. The WAG will have to bribe someone like Moneysupermarket to go there.

Times are hard and will be for some time.

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