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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cllr Carol Ellis of Buckley - Welcome to the real world.

Buckley councillor Carol Ellis said she would be raising the issue at the town’s next police liaison meeting.

"I can’t see the reasoning behind (NWP) saying crime is lower than it is," she said.

"We are not being told the full story and it is totally wrong.

"People need encouragement to come forward and give information about crimes and the media can be used for that.

Taken from here 

The excuses by NWP pathetic.  The corporate speak crap defending the indefensible makes you want to vomit.  

Hi Carol
Seems you've stumbled on something.
Shall I tell you a secret, promise not to tell.

North Wales Police and Flintshire Highways continually down play speeding ( which is a crime to communities) and accidents in Flintshire which are of epidemic proportions. Former Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom did an audit of Penyffordd when we had about 2000 vehicles  a day breaking the speed limit on Chester Rd. He forgot to mention speeding in his 2 inch thick report which Penyffordd cllrs liked because speeding doesn't really exist.
Flintshire Highways and their Gosafe representative have speed data for Chester Rd Penyffordd for May 2007. It's been continually refused even when asked for on FOIE's. Ask Arnold Woolley.
It's so Penyffordd cllrs can say there is not much speeding.

Flintshire Highway officers told our bobby that speeding in 2008 was 5% a day over 30 mph when it was really 34%. Our bobby told Penyffordd cllrs who were really happy with the 5%  so they could ignore speeding in Chester Rd. See Carol its me I'm mad making speeding up.

FACT. North Wales Police and Flintshire Highways continually down play speeding in Flintshire communities it makes their job easier. You will notice no roll out of 20 mpg zones in Flintshire that were promised. Why is that?
Sharpies all right he's got his speed bumps what about the rest of us who suffer daily?

Over the past 6 months you may have noticed NWP  bragging about how lots of crime is falling. As you know their presence on the streets is ghost like yet they are apparently performing miracles. Car theft down plus many other crimes.
My theory is that its an unexpected side effect of our current ongoing depression. Nothing to do with the police.

The bottom line is that public servants are pretending to do their jobs. It's got to end.

postscript. Why does NWP need a head of corporate communications on over a £1000 per week plus silly pension rights. I thought NWP were in the business of crime prevention and detection. One supposes they are needed for media cover ups.

Why do NWP need diversity personnel? This takes according to NWP 3.54 staff. 

Our political elite continue to show they are hopeless. Except for lining their own pockets. eg. Carl Sargeant AM and wife salaries £2000 per week.

and David Hanson MP former head of police well...................He takes the biscuit.

Further Postscript. NWP have retired from any form of traffic policing in Chester Rd Penyffordd with the full backing of Cllrs Cindy Hinds, David Williams and Penyffordd Community Council. We have a rat run every workday morning.

A small part of the great sickness.

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