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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

234 houses continued

At the July meeting ( ratified September) Cllr Stan Davies opined that the above could take over 10 years to build at 25 houses per year.
In my opinion this is good news. Cllr David Williams continues to play hardball over the design of the development from the sewers to the number and function of units built. This is to be commended. Cllrs Tom Jones and Colin Bithell seem ideal councillors for developers, an easy push over which explains why Penyffordd has few recreation facilities when considering its size.

If council minutes were digital I would quote TEJ and CB ( who represent the "sheet of 10" ) verbatim. This is still some way off. It's done on purpose. Perhaps I'll get Lisa to type it out so you can see what a wet CB is. CB needs to remember he represents Penyffordd not the developer. PCC should vigorously back David.

I think they are more keen to see him come unstuck and for that matter Cllr Cindy Hinds. Local politics rearing its ugly head again?

We need more councillors like David Williams. ( that will not go down well in many quarters)

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