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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The New Village Politics?

I went to the Penyffordd Against Redrow meeting the other night at the Legion. Looking around I saw Cllrs David Williams, Cindy Hinds and Linda Vidamour ( edit :Jeff Priddin ) among'st the 100 plus attendance. Perhaps there were others there. There's a couple of cllr faces I don't know. Not many councillors present anyway. Disappointing.

What was refreshing was to see concerned villagers galvanised into action. Protest boards up and running. Two meetings already. All in a matter of weeks. Bright young people with the knowledge and determination to make maximum impact against urban sprawl.
( Penyffordd Council next meet mid September, results of meeting published mid October)

Also the developing of a proposed community plan that is the way forward for Flintshire communities. A new website to be up and running.

The calling of expertise within the community to help.

This is indeed new village  politics ie. no politics at all.

I will put up details of the proposed community plan for those who have not seen.


postscript: Cllrs present 4 out of a possible 10?


  1. Colin why spoil a good and sensible post with your last sentence. Unfortunately the two people concerned can no longer reply to you I just don't see need for this last sentence and I would ask you to delete it.

    1. You have a point David. I could tell you many interesting stories over the last 10 years that reflect a less than stirling behavior. I would imagine a lot of it is still there in the blog. Your wish granted.

  2. I must be a face you don't know because I was there I saw you,and your wife . I have only missed one meeting I was at another so couldn't make it. I am 100% against this build,and will do anything that I can to help stop this crime against our village.

    1. Thanks Jeff, good to see you're on the case.


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